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Recall the Time of No Return[Eng] - page 61


Now Let's make crack.

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marinus18's avatar
Twilight became evil in 10 years? That sounds a little incredulous. I can imagine her becoming harsher and harsher over 1000 years but not over 10 years.
wolfrulez's avatar
1000 years. and spike only looks that old?
cory0brennan's avatar
Then the dragons like that big red one must have seen a Discord's birth
Saiyanstrong's avatar
Discord is chaos incarnate.  or at lest according to the comics he is.  either that or he is his own species, a person form Tireks land (again comics) or the result of a dragon and a unicorn/alicorn mating.
Solarfldsmtfr's avatar
Soooo...if spike + rarity happens, they’ll have a mini discord?
Saiyanstrong's avatar
Maybe.  That of course assumes that discord is the result of a Dragon and a Unicorn/alicorn getting it on.
RandomnessKing's avatar
if doc knows about this future
why didnt he just suggest like her 900th birthday or something?
all this could have been avoided
and then... there wouldnt be a comic. ok, i get it
cory0brennan's avatar
Or they probably could get back those ten years. But they can't cuz have to patch things up here and put Twilight on the right path, as silly as it may sound of them 
.... Well that's an interesting thing to say.....

Looks like we missed the market by a decade

And sounds really bizzare for things to go Phsycho in 10 years after 990 of not
Really, only ten years? That's such a brief time for an immortal to change.
I'm glad this didn't go the route of "they time-traveled to the future, only to find out history recorded them missing since the past"
BoneSatellite's avatar
"We used a time machine. We were gonna give Twilight a surprise for her 1,000th birthday. We also could have invited you from the past, but we decided you were unimportant. Also, we never considered that you, in the future, might be just as lonely as Twilight, so we only planned for Twilight's 1,000th birthday, not yours."

I still don't see any of the ponies looking guilty, and I don't see Spike getting upset that he never occurred to them.
ShinjitsuForever's avatar
So, ten years of Twilight's dreadful's even worse to experience IRL here, according to history of our country, we were conquered and governed by Spanish people dreadfully for 333 years!
MLPGemblossom's avatar
Not to mention the Japanese and the Americans....
And the Bataan death march.
ShinjitsuForever's avatar
MLPGemblossom's avatar
ShinjitsuForever's avatar
Oh...Pilipinong Cebuano rito
DrX-Raven's avatar
Raven: So you're telling me that for nine-ninety years, everything was all fine and dandy, but add ten years to it, and it's all bonkers? Yup, that makes sense.
Meownimator's avatar
why does spike's looks right now remind me of mako from legend of korra ;0;
Fist-of-doom's avatar
"It would have been a great party if you'd come 10 years ago" all this aweful stuff happened in ten years? 990 years every thing was fine but for the next 10 years Twilight just suddenly went insane and there is a rebellion against her, there is something extremely fishy about that.
IcarusHector's avatar
Gashi, you say some strange things.
GashibokA's avatar
IcarusHector's avatar
'now lets make crack' <-- threw me for a loop, because Spike is suddenly Heisenberg. 
hillbe's avatar
Spike   O,O......?!
Rarity   o,<......!!
Dashie  o,O......!!
Pinkie   /)o,>(\...!!
AJ         >,>......!
Flutters  >,<,,,!!!!!
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