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Recall the Time of No Return[Eng] - page 54


Night Star meet Dream Vision Who is Kai Wu's OC.

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DrWhoFan611's avatar
Dang, people do change over the years. Maybe if Twi were to see her friends-from-the-past's reaction to this, this might help her realize.
MetalBrony87's avatar
Rainbow Dash doesn't know what tyranny means. Facepalm
IniStrife's avatar
Him...I say spike.
I love the use of "pointy ponies" in the extra dialogue.
MiaRosette1028's avatar
I take back what I said! Twilight is evil!
Is not as simple as obvious threats and cruelty but those are the easiest to blame on.
Animatorsnake's avatar
Actually to clarify what AJ just said: Queen Chrysalis didn't rule over ponies, she ruled over her own kind and she didn't treated them badly so that wasn't tyranny, as for Sombra... yeah that was tyranny.
GashibokA's avatar
yeah. AJ don't have study to definitely know it.
A tyranny is a small outdoor structure with a roof but no walls, which is generally round. Tyrannies are known to be quite dangerous if awakened, although they are generally difficult to rouse.
Kyoshi001's avatar
ex: going against celestia's orders is considered an act of tyranny
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baileyjrob's avatar
Technically that's incorrect. That's become a sort of connotation. A tyrant is someone who gets the throne by any means other than birthright. This CAN mean usurping it, this implying a cruel ruler, but it could also be through appointing. A tyrant could also be a rebel leader overthrowing a cruel dictator and being benevolent in their leadership. 

Look at me, ruining people's fun.
I'll remind you that "decimate" means "execute one member in ten, chosen randomly." And that "gay" means "happy." And that "awesome" means "terrifying."
baileyjrob's avatar
True, true, and sort of true. Awesome just means something that causes awe, though usually that is terrifying.
SwiftestShadow's avatar…
This definition seems to disagree with you. Nowhere does it mention illegitimacy of rule.
baileyjrob's avatar
I'm referring to the original meaning. It's changed, and if you ask almost anyone they'll use the conventional definition. It's long been forgotten that that's the real meaning.

So I GUESS technically the meaning of the word changed, but I'm not one who likes changing definitions, so...
supergenie's avatar
I'm thinking it's Spike too. I can't wait see his reaction of seeing his long-time friends again. Speacially when he sees Rarity.
SwiftestShadow's avatar
Oh, we're going with the dumb muscles interpretation of Rainbow? ... Can't say I'm not disappointed.
GamemasterMZ's avatar
Well, to be fair, she probably never heard the word that much and never got to know what it mean.
SwiftestShadow's avatar
Well, I suppose it could reflect the kind of world they live in, where it is not a commonly broached topic.
But given the exasperation with which Applejack answered her, one could understand that this should be common knowledge.
GamemasterMZ's avatar
And it probably is common knowledge.  But, I still don't blame her.  Sometimes, a word might never shown itself to someone for nearly his or her whole life, then bam, it decide to sneak up on you without realizing it.  I'm pretty good with knowing a few words myself (might not pronounced a few said words), and I like to think that I got a good education, but there are times where a word appeared that catch me by surprise (and consider my curiosity, I usually looked it up afterward).
CassieAlicorn's avatar
Really Rainbow Laugh LOL 
sigel4ever's avatar
yeah, she is the enemy now, get the idea, dash?
hunterN05's avatar
Ooooo, this is getting more and more interesting, hehehe.
I'm still thinking its Spike, still calling it :dummy:
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