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Recall the Time of No Return[Eng] - page 53


Night Star is Victoria Scott's OC. and that role is very important. let's see how she going to be.

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I call it
Randomponyzilla's avatar
Nightstar looks like Nightmare moon. Why does she look like nightmare moon? I'm blown away right now O.O
Summer-Lime's avatar
...It's gunna be Spike, isn't it?
Shenronn's avatar
Nightstar resembles Nightmare Rarity way too much
LukeAlanBundesen's avatar
Why the pronoun game?
Mackeroth's avatar
I'm a' guessing it's Spike. I though I was being all clever-like by saying so, but it seems I was beat to it by some others. Oh well.
Spike is the only one you can expect to also be alive after 1000 years
Saiyanstrong's avatar
That and Discord.
Golden-Chord's avatar
I bet it is Spike.
RMZERO's avatar
I hope that "him" is Doctor hooves.
baileyjrob's avatar
Let's all play the pronoun game!
Someone watch Cinema Sins.
snifys's avatar
lynch8man's avatar
Discord I'm calling it now.
Animatorsnake's avatar
who? it's either starswirl the bearded or Discord
Animatorsnake's avatar
Oh shoot right, but he would be massive to be inside a underground chamber?
KieDough's avatar
Well lets see how big Spike gets in the future ;)
Equeto's avatar
It's GummyGummy (lick) plz  without any doubt!
hunterN05's avatar
I'm calling it now... its Spike :stare:

Nice job on this dude.
ShinjitsuForever's avatar
There would be 2 groups and it would be Twilight's side and Spike's side...nice idea too...let's hope it's Spike...
hunterN05's avatar
I have a sneaking suspicion its Spike, cause I don't think he would approe of whatever Twilight's doing.
But then again, there's always Discord... plot tweeeeeessssst.
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