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Recall the Time of No Return[Eng] - page 46


sorry this page re-uploaded in my mistake.

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Always nice to see the Element of Loyalty properly represented. ;D
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The combined hordes of Genghis Khan tried to get through those doors and failed, I doubt they'll give for a couple of iron golems.
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Is it me or does this mystery pony look an awful lot like Celestia
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Interesting comic. But you lost me with the annoying patreon description.
Well, the Doctor has gone through a lot of companions in his time. He tries, but he doesn't always keep them safe.
Actually given the death toll in some Who episodes the safest thing to be in the series is his companion. In fact in over fifty years only one long term companion has actually died (and stayed dead) under his watch.
Yes, but death is hardly the only way something bad can happen. I'm far from an expert on the series before the reboot, but my experience has been that his companions don't tend to stop traveling with him simply because they get bored. If you're near him, the safest thing to be is his companion, but it's still far safer to just stay home.

Plus, they hardly count as long-term companions. They just kind of forced their way into the TARDIS at the beginning of the episode.
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i want more comics !!!
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Donate to Gashi on Patreon then! :D
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1st Frame.
LOL her tongue
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So ok I have a feeling that the others will be captured by Twilight and RD, AJ, and Pinkie will have to go and get them.
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Why are you so happy Pinky~ 
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It's Pinkie Pie don't question it
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OOOOo this is getting cool!
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