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Wow, this page is spectacular.
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Your art is fantastic, superb, and amazing! 
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At least do rainbow power
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Epic Fight scene right here!! XD
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Yes; Mad Empress Twilight is certainly not going to notice that SONIC-FREAKIN'-RAINBOOM!!!

Rainbow Dash (facepalm) #2 plz
If hitting the problem doesn't work, hit it harder.
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No, rainboom
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Rainbow Dash, fillies and gentlecolts - Action Mare!
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good job dash...! (sarcasm) only one pony in history can do a sonic rainboom, forget the fact that doing one is the equivalent of shooting up a flair... 
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Hmm. . . 

Well, I can't say that I'm not going to be a tad irritated if Rainbow's rainboom succeeds against three at the same time where one of AJ's applebucks failed to even ding one by itself.  *Sigh* Kinda looks like it's gonna go that way though.
tyruvelp's avatar
mach 1 vs 5.3 hp 
dash     vs  aj 
TwiWrite-Flare's avatar
5.3 hp?  You talking horsepower?  Cause, if so, I'd love to know where you got your figures and what relation that has with mach 1 (I'm no mechanical engineer so I honestly have no clue what those two figures mean next to one another and google isn't helping).

There is nothing in canon to indicate that the sonic rainboom has greater striking power than a full power applebuck from AJ and every reason to assume that it does not.  Even if it was, to say that it is over three times greater is absolutely preposterous.  

I'm not trying to stir crap, but if this works, it is a slap in the face to Applejack.
tyruvelp's avatar
mach 1 is the speed of sound which is what is required for a sonic rainboom
5.3 horsepower was a random number i used for aj because i was not gonna use the word bucking-power due to misinterpretation (and internets) 

reality states -  1 pony = one horse  = 1 horsepower but we are talking about PONIES MLP

however because you are right you can change aj's stats to be more correct 

that said it was proven during the iron pony ep running of the leaves that aj and das are about equal in stats unless dash is flying
in this case dash is a speeding bullet 
and aj is a blunt object 

both have the same power (you know what i mean) but the bullet is gonna do more damage (small speeding pointy object) where the blunt object will just bounce off 

hope this helps  (and if it doesn't here another analogy - snowshoes vs broom pole - what is gonna go through the snow to the ground? ) 
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Hi there.  First off, I just want to apologize if I came off as overly defensive last night.  I've been having a really rough week and coming home to see Applejack getting out shone by Rainbow at the thing that she is supposed to be the best at in terms of her athletics (ie. hitting things really hard) kind of put me into a sour mood.

That being said, in case you are actually interested in my honest opinions in so far as the rivalry between Dash and AJ is concerned (and if not, I will entirely understand with no hard feelings [today was quite a bit better and less exhausting than the rest of this week has been]), stating that RD and AJ are equals as long as Rainbow has her wings tied up and immobilized is not necessarily true.  Remember, Rainbow started using her wings after she was too tired to keep up with AJ legitimately.  I love both of these wonderful characters, but they are both equals and incredible athletes which is why their rivalry works so well; Rainbow needs her wings to be on Applejack's level just as much as AJ needs all four hooves to keep up with Rainbow as an athlete.

(If you're interested, I took the time to analyze the Iron Pony competition from my own point of view so that you could better understand my side)
:iconrbdashplz: Rainbow's wins:
1. The Barrel Weave (a test of agility and speed) that she won only slightly better than AJ.
2. The Bucking Bronco.  Kind of a lame one, more based off Spike's meager physical abilities rather than that of the pony's (not to mention the fact that he wasn't even given time to recover from getting bucked off AJ AND outright stated that he wasn't ready).  Still, a wins a win and not even AJ questioned it. 
3. Ball Bouncing (a test of precision and skill) that she stomped AJ in quite soundly. 
4. Hoof Wrestling (a test of arm strength).  We only caught the tail end of it where AJ's hoof was on the down swing so it's hard to tell how thoroughly Rainbow beat AJ, but I would assume that they are near equals in this category as the two of them have been seen using it as a decision making tool when they where having disagreements in the past.
:icondashiemustacheplz: (From this point on, RD's wins were all the result of cheating and breaking the competition with her wings)
Rainbow's cheats (that AJ did not technically win first):
1. Push ups.  They both crapped out at the same time, but RD flapped her wings to get up just one more time.  Ultimately, it was a tie.
2. The chicken. . . thing, lol.  RD blocked the mud with her wing rather than care about how graceful she was (which, I GUESS, is what the point of that activity was) ^_^
:iconapplejackishappyplz: Applejack's wins:
1. The 
Jumping Contest (a test of kick off strength).  They both did a great job but AJ won, RD used her wings at the last second to blatantly FLY a bit further.  Still, if RD hadn't cheated, AJ would have won this with about the same margin that Rainbow won the Barrel Weave.
The Hay Bail Toss (a test of strength).  AJ's bail was nearly three times bigger than RD's and she still won.
The Roping Contest (a test of precision and skill) that she stomped RD in just as soundly as Rainbow stomped AJ in the Ball Bouncing Contest. 
4. Football Punting (a test of kicking strength).  RD sent her's over the goal; AJ sent her's over a cloud.
The Tug of War (a test of strength).  Applejack clearly won this; however, before RD fell into the mud she used her wings to fly straight up and, once again, break the game.  She was so tired by this point she couldn't even use her wings to RESIST AJ's superior strength and stamina.  She had to rely on flying straight up to an angle that Applejack couldn't resist at all. 
6. Finally, 
The Bucking Contest (a test of the true striking power each of them possessed from a stationary position).  RD used BOTH rear legs and all her body weight.  She rung the bell and was very proud of it (as she should be).  AJ used ONE hoof which she rocketed at it with casual confidence.  She not only broke the impact zone (something specifically designed to take hits), but even made the bell ringer rocket through the top of it like a high velocity bullet (as a SIDE EFFECT of the strike).  That makes Applejack, at the very least, over four times stronger than other strong ponies like Rainbow Dash in her rear legs (probably even more; that bell ringer wasn't showing ANY signs of slowing down and might as well be in low orbit over Equestria for all we know). 
The reason why I left this one for last is because, from my point of view, the seer, unbridled power of Applejack's applebucks are basically Applejack's answer to the sonic rainboom (but specifically tailored toward impact strength rather than speed).  Sadly, the show has just never given us an episode dedicated to it.  We still have YET to even see a full power applebuck from AJ.  I suppose that that, in itself, could be an argument against the equality of those two feats, but I just don't see it that way.  I realize that you brought up the analogy of the bullet vs the bludgioning hoof (and that would make sense), but ultimately, the difference between the impact strength of these two attacks is questionable at best.  After all, Rainbow's attack is merely her hoof (which is relatively the same size and shape as AJ's) impacting her target after she has sped her whole body up to around the level of a bullet (emulating a bullet's SPEED, not size or shape).  AJ's BODY may be stationary for her attack, but her rear legs are anything but and significantly more powerful to boot from a lifetime of hitting things for a living.
Anyway, by my count, that makes AJ the true winner of the Iron Pony Competition :iconapplejackplz: based on what we actually SAW of the competition with the majority of her wins being the result of her extreme physical strength [there were apparently 20 contests in all but we only saw 12]).   The funny thing is, AJ even won one more competition that we didn't get to see even AFTER Rainbow started cheating.  
In the end though, the whole competition never really mattered.  In Equestria, there may be a perfectly logical way for a pegasus and an earth pony to compete head to head despite possessing vastly different body types, but the Iron Pony competition featured in "Fall Weather Friends" was impossible to fairly balance.  It was physically impossible for a pegasus to compete fairly with an earth pony without bringing their best physical traits to bear, but (based strictly on the competitions that were included) it also wasn't fair to allow their use either (wings make push-ups easy, but ultimately pointless if used).
:iconbrohoof1plz: :iconbrohoof2plz: Thanks for reading through all of this if you did.  This was a pleasant little activity for the evening and really helped me unwind a bit.  Again, I apologize for yesterday; I've just been a bit stressed lately.  Still, it's no excuse for me to be so thin skinned over someone else's opinions.  I hope to have you respond if you're interested, but if not, you have a nice evening.
Good night ^_^
:iconappledashcuddle1plz: :iconappledashcuddle2plz:
:iconappledashcuddle3plz: :iconappledashcuddle4plz:
Why does that remind me of something any way *sirens go off* rainboom incoming rainboom incoming
Rainboom dive bomb.
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This is gonna hury
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Oh this will defiantly be interesting after the Sonic Rainboom goes off, Twilight will definitely know they are here after that.
This pony has got a point, even if she didn't see it she will hear it.
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If it were up to me, I'd have one of her legs broken after this cause holy shit she's trying to divebomb IRON wolf golems.
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     Rainbow Dash
She broke her neck
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Here come the Sonic RainNUKE... :XD:
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A Sonic Rainboom.... I'm sure Twilight hasn't seen one of those in quite a long time...
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