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Recall the Time of No Return[Eng] - page 35


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Seriously, can you not draw Rarity looking adorable?
GashibokA's avatar
'adorable' is not for her.... I thought.
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Rarity is always adorable when she isn't elegant.
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Just as long as it's not the TARDIS' Cloister Bell that's ringing, then they've be really screwed.
Bleyk36's avatar
The tower is ringing its Warcraft...FOR THE HORDE!!!
ShinjitsuForever's avatar
is Rose a good guesser???
leovictor's avatar
The Otherworld cometh
JoeWu2012Blue's avatar
Umm... The bell tower...
That sorta reminds me of the game "Silent Hill"...
The sound of a bell is coming from the bell tower? I'm glad we've got you here to figure these things out, Doctor.
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it's a good thing Rarity is a main character and there is a whole fandom to protect her,  else in a proper Doctor Who episode, she would be killed by the "things" to make the point they're dangerous.

that thing (watch?) the Doctor handles (hoofles ?) need nice details on its plate, it's so sad ^_-
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Oh this is going to be good, and Curse you Cliffhanger you always appear to ruin my day, you are evil
firecharge44371's avatar
Dam Cliffhangers!!
phylippa's avatar
what is she talking about when she says : maybe it means THOSE THINGS will appear,
what are those things?
double-ZR-tap's avatar
use the sonic and then run
Percolator21's avatar
Houston we've got a big problem now ^^
Nuke21's avatar
Obama! Run for your lives
TwinBird's avatar
oenatranf's avatar
changelings would be welcome to "those things"
MerlosTheMad's avatar
is this 'things' as in Thing 1 and Thing 2?
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