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Recall the Time of No Return[Eng] - page 32


who is she?????????

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I would like 2 be gold lily 4 gregheff0511s new comic dub
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Hey, if you want, maybe I could provide a Dutch translation? I dont know if there are many people who want to read it in Dutch, but there may be some people who do! Also, I would just LOVE to help with this!
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Yeah, what possible reason could a pony have for running away from strangers in a town that still has posters everywhere warning that anypony could be a changeling? She should have welcomed you with open hooves.
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This site needs a like button.
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Panel number 4: So the rape began
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Your comic just keeps getting better and better!
aaawwwww it not twi oh well
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This is very cool I love how the new pony looks.
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 Her hair actually reminds me of Princess Celestia. Maybe a relative or something? 
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don't ask us yet Gashi, we don't even know made it...we wait...
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the New face is not my OC.
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then from whom did it came from???
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gonna be interesting what happend now
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Is that a relative of Twilights? We can't  see her back yet, so she might be an alicorn.
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What is Fluttershy doing alive? o.O That looks like her when they got that magic box unlocked. Hmm
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I dont know, who is she creator?
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looks like a mix of Dash and Fluttershy...but she's a unicorn
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