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Recall the Time of No Return[Eng] - page 31


Oh my god! Pinkie kill her! you bastard!!!!!

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Oh that's scary. XD
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The legend of the party cannon is still legendary even aftera thousand years.
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a canon .... in a slum ... dedicated to war refuges ... well done pinky ... well done.
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trauma Triggered
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Where the hell did that party cannon come from? Pinkie is in the FUTURE for fuck's sake!
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Pinkie it has been thousand years and you still have hidden canons!  (this should not shock me, should it) 
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And then they was all arrested for harassment, yay! : D
Yep, pulled an Anakin sky walker interception
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Drop the bass Pinkie
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"Sweet Celestia! I've been shot! I've been shot...! With... with yummy cake and party streamers?"
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no. it's popcorn!
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This plan is horribly flawed.
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Even after all this time, she still has Party Cannons hidden for a rainy day.
Well that was kind of uncalled for. Now she knows you're a threat to her life.
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First time I see Pinkie as a badass

BTW I think that's Trixie or Scootaloo.
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I guess the Plot thickens
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