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Recall the Time of No Return[Eng] - page 287



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Hello, I'm delighted with your comic book. And I would like to make a translation into Russian and put on my youtube channel (…), of course indicating that the author is you. Do you mind?
Mirrormine's avatar
There's always a lighthouse.
Elafros12's avatar
Is that Bioshock Trilogy reference?
Mirrormine's avatar
Why yes. Yes it is.
mlp-and-smLunaLover's avatar
How come Sterling doesn't have any regalia?
ihatepineapplepizza's avatar
Sterling is alive ;o;
Riverfox237's avatar
YEEEEEEEES! I was hoping we'd see her in the following pages! ^^ All my concerns are tidied up now, thanks for that.
sweetymimy22's avatar
is this violett alicorn the one who was killed from the villian (sorry i totally forgot the names of them)
BBBHuey's avatar
Princess Sterling.
Jos3lol's avatar
Esta viva :'3
It's nice to see Relestia and Newna together again at last, even if it is a somber occasion.
Maverickwolfzx's avatar
... ok that I got lost or that I'm forgetting?
Rosa-Mortis-Zero's avatar
They together again.
AetherCode00's avatar
Does she looks taller in here? Or is it just me?
Rosa-Mortis-Zero's avatar
She's more taller than before.
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Empress Twilight's Spirit (To Empress Gold Lily): You will go far, my dear Princess Gold Lily. My world maybe lost, but this is your world now. Take what you need from it, make a home for the ponies, and let no one stand in your way. You and Sterling are the reincarnations of Princess Celestia and Princess Luna; an unbroken line of Royal Alicorns. And our people need a leader now, more than ever.
Nightofstarryskies10's avatar
Woah wait!! I thought her sister was dead! O_O
Nebula1701's avatar
read back a few. She was also in an egg. 
LysitheaWO's avatar
In wich page was it ? Oo
Nightofstarryskies10's avatar
Ohh okay, didn't even see her O_O
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