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Cool dense motherfucker B)
Americaiuno's avatar
I love the Doctor's last panel!
kabhes's avatar
you know that story is good because of the little moments in the journey.
fzygal's avatar
but..the Doctor hates endings.
If a story were to go on forever, interest would not be similarly immortal. A story either dies good or lives to see itself become tiresome.
Maverickwolfzx's avatar
"So, put your glasses on. Nothing will be wrong"…
bauerle's avatar
If the story's eternal, it never ends so there's nothing that's left afterward.

I bailed on this when "Twilight" killed that guard, but came back in near the end after the true Twilight was revealed and recently went through the whole thing.

I'm afraid overall it was too grimdark for me, like the last few seasons of ST:DS9, but I digress.  I've also bailed on Star Mares for the same reason :(  I'm reminded of a line from an old issue of Legion of Superheroes: what was so important that was worth all that killing?
Luckysweep's avatar
Even in the actual Doctor Who show, the removal of blocking of memories of ones personal future is brought up several times. It even happens to The Doctor the self whenever they meet another version of themself. So at least this has credence to how nobody remembers what happened.
Ask-Macro-Rookie's avatar
You used the one ending that pushes all my wrong buttons. I HATE the "Nobody remembers" ending. I would have prefered the dream ending, or how about the "alternate universe" ending? Simply put: epic story, bad ending
Luckysweep's avatar
It actually has some canon credence. Whenever The Doctor meets past versions of himself, only the one furthest in the timeline remembers what happened.
Ask-Macro-Rookie's avatar
But this isn't Dr.Who, this is MLP. Remember, the Doc himself got beat by magic, remember episode 100
Luckysweep's avatar
I'm just saying that "nobody remembers" has some previous evidence to give credence to it happening now.
I can still understand if you still feel the ending was weak. I for one felt that the twist that Twilight was replaced with the clone was rather weak, since I'd figured that out within the first few pages of her appearance.
Ask-Macro-Rookie's avatar
Y'know, that future cannot come into being. Remember when Starlight sent Twilight to different futures? What's the one thing all those futures didn't account for? Twilight's castle and the Map. Every time she was sent to the future, it was there to keep the balance, even though it wasn't supposed to be. This story obviously takes place before the map, so the future they witnessed was one where the map never was. See, time cannot account for powerful magic.
Luckysweep's avatar
Well, this is a fan comic. That's what makes it so fun!
And if that future never happens, why should they remember?
Guardianwhooves's avatar
those who can remember the future is those who are in the center tornado like the ep. with the master those who in the center of time paradox can keep memories of evidence of time
Luckysweep's avatar
So it would then seem The Doctor and Rose were the center here.
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So, this is a prequel to mid-season 4 "The Problem with Breezies".
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Watch them... ON 3D!!!!
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just read through the whole thing.
Great job! Loved it. :D and even sobbed a bit at the end.

ParadoxalOrder's avatar
So is there to be a next page?
ArianaFlame's avatar
all i can was, this was an amazing story with an amazing plot i enjoy reading it ^^. its sad it has almost come to the last chapter you have an amazing drawing talent author and i enjoy your work
ShujiWakahisaa's avatar
Wise words doctor wise words~
bruiser128's avatar
Despite a few plot holes, it was a good read.
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