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Recall the Time of No Return[Eng] - page 284



I want to hear the answer to the question.

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sorry i find that bullshit memory wipe 
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"Why can't good things last forever ?"

Because nothing endures but change...
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There's a lot of hurt there, a lot of hurt that is destined to happen again. It's tragic. Years of war, thousands of deaths, lots of heartbreak, but they can't truly change any of it. Such is the burden of the time traveller.
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I hate that stupid time rule.
- I can not change the past.
- I can not allow my past self to see me.
- I can not be my own grandfather.
So what is the fun of traveling in time?
So all in all, everything's been put back into place like it never happened. Still, all those memories that caused this "disturbance" had to go somewhere. I wonder if what Twilight said early has anything to do with that.
Here is an answer: the universe is not alive or sentient- it does not feel it doesn’t not think it does not care. If something is to change or last, the burden is on the shoulders of sentient creatures, no matter how mortal they are. 

If time operates in this nature, you must choose a different method to enact your hopes. And even though the doctor is a genius and an abnormal being, he either does not have the means or desire or both to hammer out the nitty gritty means to enact such a thing within the laws of nature. Something a mere tardis and sonic screwdriver cannot do.
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I think we'll be done here soon.

Just a few more pages.
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I guess Pinkie can remember all of it,she's Pinkie anyway LUL
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Well is almost  The End 
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So this was a doctor who episode all along?
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Doctor 'Hooves' episode
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Ah, I see what you did there. Great work.
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Sometimes, forgetting is better then remembering, for everyone involved.
Because then they wouldn't be good things. They'd just be things. Some of them would even be bad.
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B.S. ALARM!  Pinkie would know.....She's Pinkie!
Doctor: Cause it can't Rose, not everything lasts forever. But if there's one thing I learned is that friendship can stand the test of time.  
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The doctor could steer things in a good way......if he wanted to, he is immortal in a way
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last panel

yea, pinkie still has her memory
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