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Recall the Time of No Return[Eng] - page 28


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Um, Pinks, the Doc. just explained that.
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.......i feel so swearing right now due to the atmosphere of this comic.
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You're strangers. Strangers are not to be trusted. You could be changelings!
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Well that is a very good question Pinkie I'm sure that will be answered in the next page.
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who's that??? until to the next part!
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I think the might be scoots's descendant 
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may be. I think I can see a fain orange and purple colour, and the hair is similar as well, but I might be just seeing things  
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For me, only the mane is completely obvious, but the entire thing in it is not 
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Here's a note to the new translators: You guys did an amazing job translating this one!
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Still waiting for blank version of the comics so I could insert translated dialogues into the comic itself and upload it.

BTW I'm that one who translated it into simplified chinese
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I wonder who the war was with?
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Raven: Weren't you paying attention?
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Do you need a french translator ?
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Love this comic
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OMC! This is getting intresting 
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