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I'm starting to cry alr

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Aww so sad, but when her friends die theyll se her again.
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hard mode listen to the long song while reading this. Don't cry.
Saiyanstrong's avatar…. Tears where shed.  The Manliest of All.
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All of the tears~!
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that works too.
Have you thought about taking out all this incredible comic in Cbr ...?

Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap
Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap
Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap 
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Twilight, your inner Doctor is showing with that line.
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where the next one cuz i want to see what happend to twilight
Don't cry, Pinkie. You've got another one at home.
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Ali: Well that how Alicorn die, without bleeding or injury. Not a good idea how Alicorn die. Mine is very complicated.
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Aaaand there she goes.

Putting aside this fan-made story, even though I like it.

Personally (I really don't care if you hate me), I think Twilight SUCKED at being a princess. Really, don't even ask me for an explanation. She clearly should've not even been a princess of FRIENDSHIP. Even Starlight is better than her, and she just had like 2 seasons of screentime unlike Twilight who had rofl, all of 'em. I honestly think Twilight ain't near to being suited for a princess, especially for a Princess of Friendship. 

True, Twilight "dying" in this story is sad but eeeh, she was a good friend but definately not suited for being a princess of friendship.

Anyways, RIP Twilight, you was a good friend, here and there, but you was solid.

(for those who think I'm a troll, think again. I am dead serious.)
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Dr Hooves: And now Empress Twilightis dead.



*All drew out their weapons and raised them up high to salute their fallen, beloved leader*

For the rest of Twilight's friends: Waaaah! 
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Later they have a funeral for Twilight.
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Bless you you beautiful person.
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Goodbye Twilight!!!!! :( To me you were the best Princess. Rest in peace.
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im not crying
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:( I hope we don't get a flashback now, that would just drag it on unnecessary IMHO..
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Anyone else kind of hoping this is some sort of Nightmare form?  Like Nightmare Moon, and she'll just got back to being small for a while?
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Though it remains to be seen whether that prophecy holds true, this does seem to be coming to a nice close! :iconrarityclapplz: But it could be longer! :D
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"Pinkie ? My last request is for you to get Spike and Rarity Married with children and that he sells horse shoes for the rest of his life..."
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