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Ok, I disagree with Doc here! Though the immortality of alicorns is entirely debatable, whether you argue for or against it, you can never confirm nor deny it! The fact of the matter is, it is entirely possible, that Twilight would still be ruler, while also being immortal. And it all goes back to one simple word: Change. Just like Doc was prattling on about, just before Rose reminded him of who he was, and the immovability of a name, however, the point is, besides someone's name, everything changes! Which is exactly, why you can have changing immortal rulers. Another word that perfectly describes, why immortal rulers can change : Ideals. Remember, the power of a monarch reaches only as far, as the faith of their subjects. If they don't believe, that the current ruler's Ideals align with the state the world is in, they will have the ruler replaced! After all, Ideals change too!

What do you think? That a good argument? I personally believe, that alicorns are entirely Immortal! I believe the reason Twilight is dying, is because of all that raw magic she took to the face, after being syphoned for so long.

If you're immortal, you'll live long enough to see everything, including your own death.
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End of the princess of friendship.
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Theoretically my butt! Any of the legends of Equestria is true!? She is not half the age of the old princesses.
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The hell is Rose doing lol
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noooooooooooooo Fluttershy (sad) plz 
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This is what you get when you fuse something with Doctor Who: good but bittersweet endings. Always. 
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time to say goodbye
Rose sure is a heavy sleeper
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No!! I don't want Twilight to die!! I want her to live!! please....let there be a miricale of her living....please.
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no one has to live forever
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tell that to discord xD
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by my understanding discord nearly faded away when he tried to be normal for fluttershy. 
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be faded from existente isn't exact dead xD, he was like banished or something like that he wasn't dying, and by my understanding discord more to be lord of chaos he is chaos, he is the physical manifestation of chaos, so discord is a concept no a mortal XD
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My understanding is a little different. Discord is the embodiment of Chaos yes I E he lives breves and exist only as a physical representation of his ability to spread and generate chaos whether it is large or minor scale and by going against the nature of being chaos he was starting to cease to exist. He could not even hold his teacup as his body started to literally become as in substantial as the light and his home. It took Fluttershy bringing chaos not only but into his mind to save him. Being banished is essentially when your sealed away like when he was trapped in stone. to fade away that's pretty much like dying even if you have no concept of mortality when you cease to exist then you are no more.  If Discord had been allowed to fade away completely I don't think it would have been possible to bring him back. And by being able to reject what is an Essence his life force and fade away. I however you choose to call it Discord proves that he does not have to live / exist forever he can die and someone else can take up the mantle of Lord of Chaos. 
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well, in that case when he started to fade away fluttershy can't stopped it xD, he is the chaos itself mean when there aren't chaos he can not exist, etc etc, you can't call someone dead if that someone doesn't exist in the first place xD, be fated away mean you don't exist anymore or exit in the first, before, now and after, discord technically doesn't die, he just never exist, and the concept of dead actually doesn't go hand to hand with the concept of mortality??????

and i don't think so, the mantle of lord of chaos can be take up for someone, but discor is more like the chaos itself, because even if you are the lord of chaos, you can be normal, discord can´t.
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you may be right about the mantle of chaos but i was treating it like one of the elements that twilight and her friends wield. they were not the first to wield such powers even if their predecessors powers names were slightly different.  following that line of thinking chaos is an element (natural element) like light, darkness, magic and the like. a room filled with darkness has not light but that doesn't mean that light no longer exist. in fact all it takes is for someone in that room of darkness to kindle  a little bit of light for the light to return.  this is what fluttershy did for discord. but changing his home with her limited abilities she  lit a spark of chaos back in both Discord environment and his heart. it was like giving water to one dying of thirst to a meal to a starving creature.

Discord was that starving creature and his fading away was his rejecting chaos to try and be normal for fluttershy. he only started to fade away when he was rejecting chaos and that is what was killing him. prof that it was discord rejection of chaos and not him losing his magic during his rejection is that when his magic was stolen by Trik he was still alive and stable. and when he went it the changeling hive and his magic was lost to him he was still healthy and well and wasn't just adsorbed by the changeling stone like his magic constructs were. another example was when he tricked (ans spelled fluttershy) the bearers of the elements of harmony into acting in  the opposite manor of their elements and their color faded from them. i don't think they were dying per say being normal pony's first but they certainly were not well.
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well we are going to a concept field my friend xD, because we don't know exactrly if all what happen with tireck wasnt discord decicion, i mean if he want to really help tireck why did he just puffed twilight in front of him?, all what hapend in that episode follow to twilight win her key and ultimate her castle, its like all what discord did it was to help twilight xD, same with crysale, he saw pissed, but whatever, and again fade away from the existence isn't dying per se, you just start to no exist, and something what doesn't exist can't die because never exist in the first place, and if you what to think in the lord of chaos like a what twilight and her friends are, well discord can be the element itself like the cristal in the harmony tree, and the lord of chaos title like twilight, just a recipient for this element, that doesn't mean what you said, discord is  canonical inmortal so who fucking cares xD
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Stupid prophecy.
I WAS RIGHT!!!!!!!!...wait...damit
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discworld gif death I'll the judge of that. Ummm blue energy trails. Lost of Molecular cohesion. She ain't dying she ascending.
MLP Spike (Mad) Plz Ascending?
discworld gif death Yep she is going to be a goddess. Happens when you get enough xp or if your a dam powerful Jedi.
pinkie pie mlp (maybe) plz Are we going to have to start building temples for her now?
discworld gif death Do what you want. All I know is that I'm going to have to start kiss her flank on demand from now on.
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Or were doing Final Fantasy 7 rules and she joining the lifestream.
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After she vanishes a message appears "Your true princess is in another castle".
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I'm not ready for this. I'm not ready for this. I'm not ready for this. I am NOT! READY! FOR! THIS!
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