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Ok, I disagree with Doc here! Though the immortality of alicorns is entirely debatable, whether you argue for or against it, you can never confirm nor deny it! The fact of the matter is, it is entirely possible, that Twilight would still be ruler, while also being immortal. And it all goes back to one simple word: Change. Just like Doc was prattling on about, just before Rose reminded him of who he was, and the immovability of a name, however, the point is, besides someone's name, everything changes! Which is exactly, why you can have changing immortal rulers. Another word that perfectly describes, why immortal rulers can change : Ideals. Remember, the power of a monarch reaches only as far, as the faith of their subjects. If they don't believe, that the current ruler's Ideals align with the state the world is in, they will have the ruler replaced! After all, Ideals change too!

What do you think? That a good argument? I personally believe, that alicorns are entirely Immortal! I believe the reason Twilight is dying, is because of all that raw magic she took to the face, after being syphoned for so long.