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Recall the Time of No Return[Eng] - page 273



no need words.

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Doomsday theme is playing through my mind.…
And it's nice for the real you to see us at last.
Armbine's avatar
last panel rainbow dash..." well I stole your face!"
JetPowerFIE's avatar
Well done Mr Gashi.  Well done. 
I´m just waiting for Spikes reaction...
serina1115's avatar
That is pretty sad 
Sturmlion1's avatar
The sad part is there time is limited. They can't stay forever. They got to go a much younger Twilight Sparkle.
Narcylum's avatar
Look at the serious intense emotion on Rainbow's face
Ashleybances's avatar
why the no face dash
no seriously dash has no face 
>tfw you have no face
Al-Kpon's avatar
She can't see but she becomes daretwili' TADAAAA the new super-hero ....
And yet, somehow, I have the feeling that by this point, Twilight may not need eyes...
MrOmg82's avatar
I cry on the inside.
Indioman200's avatar
MLP Applejack (I have you know) Plz I understood the reference
Steve got that referance- Captain America Me too! 
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Element0fKindness's avatar
No! I will not succumb to this . . . emotional part.  I will not . . *sniff* . . let myself be hit in the . . *sniff* . . feels.  You can't make me . . . *sob* . . . cry over a bunch of . . . *sniff* . . . sad, colorful, carton horses . . . . . 

Whaaaaahhhh aaaaaah aaaaah!!!!   :-( 
FlamingSamurai's avatar
I'm not crying! YOU'RE crying! 
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