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spamer921's avatar
well Saitama was right you can't trust in prophecies
R-Doll's avatar
The moment we've been waiting for, but not in the way most would hope
Finally though, this destined meeting is happening

Ahhh Roseluck, I see the Doctor couldn't push you out during the procedure
You were there to give him support and for Twilight too I assume
Armbine's avatar
UUUUUU, waiting for grand final
Shadow-Ichigo's avatar
The suspense, its KILLING me!
Leafon12's avatar
Yes, Twilight is alive for now at least. It depends on how it goes for her.
Shredder1004's avatar
Her magic is becoming corrupted, when she inverted her magic it ended up with her magic going haywire, she's becoming like nightmare moon, basically.
ShinjitsuForever's avatar
I thought Rose was crying at the back...
hillbe's avatar
"Rarity stop hoofing Spike!"

"But darling he'ssssss."

"I might be blind for a bit, But I can hear your breathing and stuff"

"What stuff? I'm a lady!"

"Yeah, A lady wanting babies stuff!"


"Look at the bright side, He's surely old enough!"

"Rainbow you too?"

All the gals get Spike...
hard1drive's avatar
HAHAHAHA You've made my week bright! XD XD XD
jyroman53's avatar
Welp, now the next step is turning into an awesome cyborg !
She's so blind. And suffering from magic deficiency.

But alive. And I'm happy about that. 
RMZERO's avatar
She's blind.
Sturmlion1's avatar
MLP Emote Twilight Sparkle Early Morning Wake Up "I have nothing but bad news, apparently I stressed out my magic so badly I have a cold and cut my life expectancy from 'functionally immortal' to 'I got twelve regeneration and in ten minutes I'm gonna look like Celestia and go back in time to be her. for a few thousand years."

Rarity (laugh) plz "That doesn't sound so bad." 
MLP Emote Twilight Sparkle Sleepy Tired Drowsy "But first I have to hand this to you, this trinket that has never been mentioned or seen before." 
Rarity Wink "Its beautiful, what is it?
princess Luna"Why am I Princess Luna now?"
MLP Emote Twilight Sparkle Happy "Were being cheap and keep the same VA actor."  
hard1drive's avatar
XD XD XD Amazing
Anyway, whatever your condition is, it's time for them to say their goodbyes to you.
987tails's avatar
how are the mane-6 gonna recover their mind-set when they come back? i mean, fluttershy just saw someone die right in front of her by, what she called,  "twilight". and the other ponies were gonna be sacrificed by the rebels unknowingly. how the hell does anyone think those fragile-past-minded ponies are gonna come back home and suffice. they might be happy but trust me, fluttershy is definetely gonna have PTSD and the rest are gonna feel deep for past-twilight xD 
Maybe the Doctor will use some of those memory-erasing things that he brought out for Clara? The timeline's going to be totally wrecked if they never go home and at least pretend none of this happened.
NebulaNyx1's avatar
Oh I hope not. I hate stories where the characters lose their memories of the whole thing at the end. It is an awful cliche in story telling and I really hope they are not going to use it here. 
I agree that it's annoying when the protagonist ends up not learning anything, whether that's due to memory loss or some other reason, but in this case they have to find some way to resolve the fact that Dash, Fluttershy, Pinkie, AJ, and Rarity have to go back to their own time and live out their lives as if this trip never happens, since if they warned Spike what was going to happen that would definitely cause a paradox. Erasing their memories is the most effective means I can think of.
NebulaNyx1's avatar
Why cant they just promise to not tell? If they can get some closure while they are with Twilight and spike now then they could be happy knowing that everything will turn out alright. 
I just see memory erasing as the writers easy way out of having to deal with issues created by their own writing. You see it a lot in TV shows where writers don't want to have to deal with continuity issues or possible changes in how a character may act in the future based on recent events. (e.g characters deserved a secret that would change how they interact with something or someone in the future and writers don't want to deal with that so they make it so the episode basically never even happened). I just really hope the writer here is able to do better then just make them forget this adventure all together. 
If Rainbow Dash promised to keep a secret this big and serious from Spike and Twilight for the rest of her life, would you believe her? I wouldn't. I mean, I'm not sure I'd trust the rest of them to keep it forever either, but they're irrelevant because Dash would definitely spill the beans first. I just don't know if she'd do it accidentally or if she'd convince herself that the timeline would survive her warning her friends so they could prevent all this unpleasantness and death.
Benicthedragonhog's avatar
I get the feeling that cause of that blast, she lost her magic & cause it drained her for being cooped up so long, she needs to rest for her to regain her magic strength for a good amount of years. til then, she can't defend Equestria, & I be surprised if it left at least a scar on her.

but overall, Twilight is alive & she can set things right. Plus seeing her friends from the past would help her heal inside her heart.
MDWebster's avatar
Oh dear, Twilight doesn’t look so good.
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