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Recall the Time of No Return[Eng] - page 27


start Chapter 2.
is that real ponyville?

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Doctor: no no no, she won the BATTLE, the war is still going on
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Yeah, what DID HAPPEN to the Apple farm?
Rainbow "Casual Racist" Dash
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Super comic so far ! I must slow down to not finish it too quick (^v^)
Wars end. Effects thereof don't go so easily.

:iconhappypinkieplz: "Where is everyone?"
:icondr-whoovesplz: "They're dead Pinkie."

:iconseriouspinkieplz: "Who is?"

:icondr-whoovesplz: "Everybody Pinkie."

:iconangrypinkieplz: "What Mayor Mare?"

:icondr-whoovesplz: "Everybody's dead Pinkie."

:iconmlppinkiepieplz:   "What Lyra Heartstrings?"

:icondr-whoovesplz: "Everybody's dead Pinkie."

:iconpinkiepiewaitwutplz:   "What Bon Bon?"

:icondr-whoovesplz: "They're all dead, everybody's dead Pinkie."

:iconsadpinkieplz:"Thunderlane isn't, is he?"
:icondr-whoovesplz: "Everybody is dead Pinkie."

:iconpinkiepiesad:  "Not Vinyl?"

:icondr-whoovesplz: "Gorden Bennet, yes Vinyl, everybody, everybody's dead Pinkie."

:iconsadeyespinkieplz:  "Cranky?"

:icondwhoovesohcomeonplz: "He's dead Pinkie, everybody's dead, everybody is dead Pinkie."

:iconpinkieseriousplz:  "Wait, are you trying to tell me everybody's dead?"

:icondoctorfacehoofplz:*slightly under breath* "Shouldn't have brought her here in the first place!"

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I don't get it....
It's from an oldish British Comedy/Sci-Fi series called Red Dwarf from back in the late 80s to early 90s. In the first episode the main character wakes up from cyrogenics only to find the rest of the crew is dead.
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this looks like Brazil when its in our world, but 1 000 years later?! that would be Astro's time, which is the time of Sci-Fi, the pony world seems to be a very late period from ours, are you supposing to link this to a place in the world like Brazil perhaps???
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this year is showed in <back to the future>.
and start of <Evangelion>.
real future is never be special.
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the afternatch are ... expected
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Raven: .... This looks more like a Naruto village!
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wait? what war?
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read pages before: when the changelings appear in the story of the doctor
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Oh, tks. I will do that
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crimson changeilngs
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I wonder if Twilight might be dangerous now o.ô
Well I think not - otherwise it wouldn't be the best idea to lead the Mane 5 there...

I wondered:

You're writing that a 50+ patreon donator can be an actor in this comic...

How about cameo appearances? What would that cost?
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