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Recall the Time of No Return[Eng] - page 268



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Oooh, and now this time it’s Rarity who has a crush on Spike. Talk about the shoe being on the other hoof, am I right?
Herrieli000's avatar
Gasp what happened
TheRedMenace2077's avatar
I've always had this desire to eat rainbow dash. I just want to taste her seared pegasus flesh.

I am disturbed..

GashibokA's avatar
am... Tibet free?
Waiting is hard, but there really is nothing you can do right now.
Kmn483's avatar
I read through the entire story in one sitting x3
samuraivalerie's avatar
Your about to find out.
Meanwhile, It's gonna take a little longer on our end.
naivejohn's avatar
I hate to say this but... did the prophesy say that Twilight shall die in front of the mane 5?
I wish it wasn't true.
M4st3r507's avatar
Thank Celestia that she’s still alive!

i hope she still gets her surprise birthday party 
And this is why RD is a great pony.
jyroman53's avatar
And now twilight is a cool cyborg with shinning parts everywhere !
cue the cyber-ponies
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wow, that was a good surprise, Twilight is still alive
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What does the door say?
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This is getting quite good, really looking forward to the next page. Glad to know that Twilight is still around.
ZanarNaryon's avatar
Element of Loyalty, bitch
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D   O  O  O  O  O O O O ORRRRRR!
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