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Recall the Time of No Return[Eng] - page 265



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Rarity likes buff spike 😏

Herrieli000's avatar
A nother universe?
Hey, if you want to get it on with buff Spike before you go home, there's no time like the present future.
Miky98's avatar
manbye ship?
DanteAyagawe's avatar
Try to imagine, Spike having this badass deep voice as you read, it fits him well
Karnzun's avatar
Either Scott McNeil or Chris Sabat Piccolo style of voice, would you reckon? ;)
Fist-of-doom's avatar
Oh the irony! Spike becomes hot and get Rarity’s attention and he doesn’t even notice or care.
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Uh oh, she's losing it, quick! Someone give her Kefka Palazzo's outfit to see if she can focus on making it more fashionable 
Devinital's avatar
Yeah you could say she's hot . . .has the hots for a certain dragon. hehehe
rarity want her some dragon meat =P
TheLoneB-312's avatar
I laughed too fucking hard at your comment.
Jang001's avatar
Or maybe until the real Twilight comes back to them and they defeat the Empress. Once that happens, Twilight will be back in control and everything will return to normal.
Jang001's avatar
So Spike is training her on how to move the sun. At least they know now that that wasn't the real Twilight.
wolflover1451's avatar
Role swap... Nice
PhoenixFlambe's avatar
Awww you way too serious spike, loosen up a little.
alpha-power's avatar
Rarity has a crush on Spike.
tigreanpony's avatar
Oh that was brilliant, shame it is a bit late Rarity.
ArcSpartan009's avatar
Spike: "Twilight, Rarity texted me, 'Heyyy 😊.'"

Twilight: "How many Y's."

Spike: "Three…"

Twilight: "She want the dick!"
samuraivalerie's avatar
And now the reversal of roles is complete.
and it is glorious. 
Dragonlver22's avatar
Oblivious Spike is oblivious.
well rarity probably friendzoned him too much that he became de-sensitized by it, plus its been years(centuries??) since Spike saw rarity again 
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