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Recall the Time of No Return[Eng] - page 264



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I found this yesterday and I could put it down during my free time  before work. I love Rarity´s face :D:D
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Rarity wants some of that.
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I think I know where this is going after watchin too many animu
Rest in pepperoni
Thunder200151's avatar
i was waiting for this for a long time to see rarity shocked to see spike is look like this
I think he is dying
askwasteali's avatar
Ali: The return of Small Spike, or a very cute boyish.
The ruins of war and bloodshed have grown silent once more after death and destruction make way for life and creation we are reminded of one thing. It's that war... war never changes
TearsofCHIckenSoup's avatar
Hehe, Rarity's reaction...
Spike, why are you on fire?
TearsofCHIckenSoup's avatar
I think he is teleporting himself the same way he teleports scrolls.
DragonTurtle2's avatar
OOOOohh, that makes sense.  Thank you TearsofCHIckenSoup.  I knew he'd been bringing all sorts of stuff out of hammer space, but it never occured to me he could transport HIMSELF.  Thanks for catching that and explaining it.
samuraivalerie's avatar
Ha! Whose crushing now?
Astrorious's avatar
is this a F/SN:UBW reference I see?
rarity just blushed seeing spike now all manly like
Shadow-Ichigo's avatar
I have so many questions!

But I shall wait
1Foxcomm's avatar
Spike was being kept alive by Twilight's magic, as Twilight now appears to be dead the spell keeping him alive is likely ending.
shadowdeluna's avatar
I’m lost. Is he getting smaller???😕
MrG1652218893's avatar
im really confused now.
yeah, me too, a little bit
I don't think that's natural for a dragon.
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