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Recall the Time of No Return[Eng] - page 256


that's not evillize.

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I'm surprised the impostor didn't see that coming
Oh Twilight, you've come so far 
for it to be this way... QQ
We're sorry; your call cannot be completed as dialed.
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Uhm... Midnight Sparkle? You go, Twily. :D
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Except this has never been the case with pony Twilight.
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OH DAMN! that is badass.
This isn't even her final form.

Come on, Doctor. Do what you do best!
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I finally get around to reading this comic and it ends right before the climax. Of course.
Mew-FanRikaDarkice's avatar
Golden Lili...Twilight nr.3?
Shredder1004's avatar
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I'm getting this feeling that someone is going to use the spell Ultima.
Daiskida's avatar
Why do I imagine the Queens thought at the moment being "Oh...This is gonna hurt...."
nooooo twilight stooop, thear has to be another way!!!! 
Helmie-D's avatar
An then they all died... the end...
Perfect story (not really)
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hillbe's avatar
"You know me too well"  "MEET MY SISTER THE INNER BITCH!"      "Spike take a letter"  Good Bye signed T.S.P...
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Ali: I bet the Queen said "Oh Shiii" *BOOOOMMMM!!!!!*
dahano045's avatar
OH FOR LUNA!!! Twiliht Ponyevole toooooo Midnight Sparkle-
Shadow-Ichigo's avatar
'gasp' Midnight Sparkle power
AspieFluttershy's avatar
Is that... Midnight Sparkle?
SuperdarksideX5's avatar
Aw the lighting on Twilight on the last panel. 0w0 It looked that it's stayed as pencil drawn to give it it's effects and stlye. :D
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