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Recall the Time of No Return[Eng] - page 253


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*goes in the fridge*
alexwarlorn's avatar
A twisted definition of friendship, for a twisted version of Twilight Sparkle. 
TingSan's avatar
Will she kill twilight immediately?or make use of twilight's magic?
Maverickwolfzx's avatar
Now the classic villainous speech about how now his death will be slower and more painful.
MoppyPuppy's avatar
I guess that's what you get for sacrificing your life for a structure, someone explain this decision.
Stuntpony's avatar
Innocent lives, no?
ColdSnap777's avatar
Did you remember the other ponies in the castle? The ones that would have been vaporized from the attack?
MoppyPuppy's avatar
No, it usually stands empty doesn't it?
Miejinkaku's avatar
The collapsing structures are dangerous too...
ColdSnap777's avatar
In this one there are maids, butlers, chefs, guards and whatnot.
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Istarian's avatar
I have no context, but I was beginning to wonder if she was stealing Twilight's magic directly from her somehow.
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goldorakx69's avatar
i want see the real face of this bich
P0PitL0ckit-Key's avatar
IT's amazing she survived that!
samuraivalerie's avatar
*whispers* Looks like that's not all that was broken.
Lavamoon0's avatar
then spike crushes zigon
jyroman53's avatar
TIme for a souprice ATTAC !
That's pretty cocky of you to stick around even though your battery's been removed.
R-Doll's avatar
Yes, damage has been dealt but it's not over yet!
sigel4ever's avatar
so close, but not safe
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