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Recall the Time of No Return[Eng] - page 243


you always find out the way. 
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I know that's how it would said in Japan and you may have been told this already, but in English the proper or correct casual response to A.J. question would be "Unfortunately, NO"  I know her question is being answered like "you are correct" but in THIS circumstance or with this type of response,  she is asking "we can't use them" and would not be "Yes.... you can't use them"  but rather, No.... you can't use them"   in short, " we can't?"  "No you can't"  this CAN be a bit confusing to understand and I know EXACTLY why you wrote it out like that ^^ I lived in Japan 6 years and married to a local there for nearly 5. So I understand the rough translation of it now.  However, for way she asked the question and her response used.... NO in place of YES is much more proper. 
"Unfortunately, NO"  I hope it helps a bit. ^^ I'm so happy I got to be in this briefly and love this comic ^^ Keep up the great work.
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In all my knowledge of video games, certain bosses have to have weak points.

The question is: What is that abomination's weak point? 
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I have a feeling the other battery in Lily's sister, this is going to be good, looking forward to the next page.
It's a shame Twilight is too intent on fighting head-on to notice herself that it can't be enough.
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Well, gotta give it to her. She got her priorities straight. Wouldn't be surprised if she had a third backup or somesuch.
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The other Alicorn!
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The tree, she is using the same elements as battery.

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One question for panel 3: where did that doctor pull that telescope from? I thought ponys didn't have pockets? Other than that great comics. I freaking love all ur pages. 
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The other young Alicorn!
She's the back up generator!
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The best phrasing for this situation would be "Unfortunately not"
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Nope, and I'm thinking the same thing.
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First panel: shouldn't it be "unfortunately, no" instead of "yes"?

"Yes" would only make sense if the preceding sentence was "The Elements' Power cannot be used by us any longer?".
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The whole sentencing of that type is always weird to read. 
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Both "No" and "Yes" would be appropriate in that sentence.
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I don't know how to speak english well, but I was about to comment the same
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