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Recall the Time of No Return[Eng] - page 242


Doctor. You Picked up the wrong mane 5. 
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And now, after season 7, the Elements are back again...
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Being a princess sucks
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Now this is interesting so they are from in between seasons, very nicely done here.
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And now you're going to have to play dumb and pretend that you didn't all already know about the Tree and what you needed to do before she drank that potion Zecora gave her. Everypony may want to start practicing their lying now.
It's the alternate reality. Here season 4 didn't happen yet and might play out differently once they return home.
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When will you continue?
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Když to bude pokračovat please
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When it will continue
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OH so that hasn't happened yet.
and now I'm impressed pinkie kept her mouth shut about it when they got back.
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wait dont tell me this is it for now!?
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I love the expression on M5's face.
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To be fair if he was going to avoid spoilers for the mane 6...5's later lives he would have had to taken them each the moments before their deaths :P 
And I don't think a bunch of dying old ladies would be much help... 
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Well, he didn't intend to bring them specifically here. Pinkie opened a wormhole inside the TARDIS (pulled something from the subspace pocket in her mane) and crashed them here.
Usagi-Zakura's avatar
I was referring to the description actually where it says "you picked up the wrong mane six"
IcarusHector's avatar
ah, ... considering the given information though, any point from the defeat of Tirek on would have worked though. Since it is at that point that they can do stuff without the physical Elements.
Usagi-Zakura's avatar
But they could still be spoiled on other stuff ;3 
What if someone asks about Starlight Glimmer? 
Or any potential children they may have had in the future?
Or their deaths?
IcarusHector's avatar
sometimes spoilers are okay. Time is flexible like that.
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Hmmmm and if you consider the D.who universe, messing around with time is a very bad thing.
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Spoilers~ (as River Song would say) 
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