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Recall the Time of No Return[Eng] - page 241


yeah you know about season 4 ep 1,2. huh? this mane 5 came from the timeline the season 3 between season 4 
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This is why you need to establish the origin date of any time travelers from the past as soon as you meet them. It saves a lot of trouble, as well as helping you to keep away from spoilers.
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Someone forgot to add the rainbow power to the history books didn't they? Looks at Spike.
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Uhh...well...temporal shenanigans are intensifying about the Elements of Harmony...this is getting confusing... 
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Next stop, the Tree of Harmony. (?)
I guess they don't have those wireless-powered rainbow powers just yet? Ow. They'll have to think something up quick.
Or maybe Pinkie will just get a hunch once again and use these powers anyway xD
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Good, the rainbow abilities are a bullshit attempt to make more merchandise anyway xD 

I'd prefer if they didn't show up in someone as interesting as this regardless. It would ruin the atmosphere of the story in my opinion. 
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my apologies, autocorrect. 
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What do we do Doc??!
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In the words of the Doctor's future wife, spoilers...
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Rarity (cry) plz "Returned? But it went so well with my new dress I was designing!"
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Ohhhhh nice! More canon time confusion!
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Get up there you daft Alicorn!
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This is cool, keep up the great work, love the comic.
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Is this before or after season 4?
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After season 4 since Twilight did return the elements back to the Tree of Harmony in episode 2. So in this comic, they might have to find the Tree of Harmony again.
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"Yes" before or "yes" after?
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Before season 4. It's said in the description .-.
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(Reads description) Well will you look at that... :| (Blank Stare)

Guess that answers that then... Sweating a little...  Thank you. (I REALLY need to read those before asking...)
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Well they got another alicorn down there for a start..
Or they get the elements, the tree had it for such a long time I don't see a problem. Plus then can return them afterwards. Just standing there and watching poor Twilight fight alone certainly won't help..
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Yes, she returned the elements because the Tree of Harmony lose them since one thousand years, and, because of that, became weaker.

But did I really have to remember you that she returned the element since one thousand years in the comic? Because with this time travel, their are now in the future.

The Tree of Harmony are strong enought to survive a long moment without the elements.
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