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Recall the Time of No Return[Eng] - page 24


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Or there’s a fire going on._.
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Or its burning, with the fires of a thousand suns as Twilight has finally decided that the planet would be better off if she were the only inhabitant.

What? We don't know this Twilight, and Nightmare Moon tried something similar already, so it's not too much of a stretch.
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Where did he get that clock? Does the tie got a pocket or somethin?
Or maybe the changelings scorched the sky during their war with Equestria. Ponies aren't solar-powered, but their food is.

Not that such total war would be very wise given that the changelings need ponies to feed off of, but I never said the crimson changelings were very smart.
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Holy cow!! this panel is BEAUTIFUL!!!! Best one style wise so far I'd have to say
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Man, that's a whole new world...

I just hope that what they step on is not the wasteland...
What the heck have you done during the war, Twi? A revolution!? 
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I promise there a not wasteland.
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for common, when the sky is red...

isn't a good signal
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Hmmm the sky is way to red to be a sunset, I'm worried that they might of came to where all that Twilight did up to this point is falling apart. That is what happens to oppressors, if I understand right I think Twilight change Equestria into something that is almost complete opposite than what Celestia created.
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I don't think the sky is red for the sunset.
I think there are an order reason. A Bad one.
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Sure? no!
But I really hope so! :icondiscordumadplz:
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