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Recall the Time of No Return[Eng] - page 239


I am now living without a nostril because of rhinitis. I sympathize with the Protoss race.

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Yeah! She's not! Being ticked off will do that to you!
AJR001's avatar
Come on Twilight, you can hit harder than that... :XD:
Everypony changes. You of all queens should know that.
Renginer's avatar
Pow-pow pow-po-pow-poow. POW POW POOOOOW!!!!!
Hehe. She got a makeover.... >8)
citywolfwarrior's avatar
I'm worried! She's been locked up for years, she's not at her strongest.
bugssonicx's avatar
Twilight threw a PUNCH!??! Someone's pissed
samuraivalerie's avatar
In light of the fact that five keys are present and part of the prophecy still stands i got four words for that imposing empress: TASTE THE RAINBOW SUCKER!!!
Shadow-Ichigo's avatar
Get her Twilight, for your friends, your subjects, and your number 1 assistant who suffered through all of that believing you've been evil...

I got Popcorn this time people, who wants some!? I'm also having a sale on Tacos too
jppiper's avatar
it is taco tuesday
lupvirga's avatar
Oooh, I'll have both.....I'm really hungry.
Shadow-Ichigo's avatar
Sweetness, 4 bits for both, 5 includes drink
Come on, Twilight! Use a Kamehameha on her!
Don't they have "Team Rainbow Element Harmony Blast" there?  They could just Rainbow the snot out of fake Twilight!  Think a little, Real Twi!!!
Twilight's obviously drained since most of her power went straight to the Queen. She won't win this fight, especially since we know that the Queen beaten her before (probably with an underhanded tactic). 
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Use that horn you fool!
Stab and blast!
hhhahaaaa's avatar
POOOW!Hit her tits ヽ(ˋ▽ˊ)ノ 
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If my face was used to make life unberable for everyone else, I would hit the impostor so many times, that bones in MY arm would crack. I would mutilate the freak.
theMLPfan34's avatar
Come on Twilight! Come on Mane 6! Everyone destroy that monstrosity! But I've got a bad feeling on what'll happen next...
tigreanpony's avatar
Oh this will be cool.
Mutio86's avatar
Come one Mane 6, to the rescue! Don't let Twilight fight alone!
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