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Recall the Time of No Return[Eng] - page 237


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Jk. I honestly don't see what the point is of that in the show. XD
Yeah, she would use the adulterated stuff. It's just not as good as the pure version, but supervillains always think they're better off saving money by cutting it.
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wen's the next page?
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I Upload on Patreon. 
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"Twilight will not outlive her friends."
Pr0zs's avatar
"Cuz i like to see you beam beam BEAM, yes i do xD"
TheAnimalArt2005's avatar
I wanted to ask this for a very long time, what drawing app/website do you use to make your art? You don't have to answer if you don't want to, I just need something to make my art with, because DA Muro isn't the best choice :)
GashibokA's avatar
I use the Clip studio
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Ahem...Doc I think you mean "everypony" X3
*roundabout ensues*
Maverickwolfzx's avatar
And that was barely the first attack.
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Annnnd obliterated. Now to see if I was right or not...
darkwolf0's avatar
That's one way to wake up XD
ProSonicIncorporated's avatar
Why isn't Pinkie cheering? I thought she loved to see her friends beam!
MoppyPuppy's avatar
Empress had almost 6 pages to make a move, pathetic, she doesn't deserve her title.
stardusk4's avatar
It's getting so goooooood :c
jyroman53's avatar
Have I seen too much JoJo or what are thoses signs ?
ProSonicIncorporated's avatar
And then she died.
What a buildup that was to have her just die.
Oh well. The end.
Also, did he just say everybody?
AJR001's avatar
DAFUQ Twilight got hit with!? ^^;
Magic plus Zygon science.
DeskManiac's avatar
Aw shit. She just died.
Daiskida's avatar
Huh and Twilight went down in record time, thanks Princess you've been a big help!
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