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Recall the Time of No Return[Eng] - page 236


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"you can never defeat the power of friendship" 
DrFawful25's avatar
I despise the Imposter, But she has a really cute belly button... ^w^
Pr0zs's avatar
ohh goodness look at her...
Unkownbrony52's avatar
Oh......crap. Might need the holy hand grenade for this.
Whatever, Bro..... >8)
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Luckysweep's avatar
Why is her head still stuck like that?
db100-da's avatar
For some reason this music started playing in my head while reading the past few pages just now:…
ChaoticNote's avatar
Man... I still can't get over that fucking name. It's so unfortunate.

*catches beer can*
EnisKarra's avatar
The situation is desesperate.
Brotonia is now certainly more powerfull than Twilight. The battle is already lose. She can't defeat this ennemy alone.
Did I say alone? My bad! There is something that the Zygon have forgoten.
Friendship is Magic! And It's the most powerfull magic in all Equestria! Something say me that this is the key of Victory.

But eh, wait and see!
GashibokA's avatar
Yeah, I'm completely sure you'll come up with shit like this
Green064's avatar
It's the final boss fight!!!
TheLoneB-312's avatar
I knew it wasn't Twilight, Crimson Changlings can suck it!
folklore17's avatar
10 years from now, make this an Adult Swim TV Series
WELP WE'RE BONED or should I say. YOUR BONED (opens a portal out of nowhere) SEE YA SUCKERS 
Winged-Stone's avatar
How does one pronounce "!"?
Winged-Stone's avatar
Well played.
That thought actually came to me just before I clicked.
WolfsInSheepClothing's avatar
Its so show they're surprised 
Winged-Stone's avatar
I know what it's for, I just always found it weird in a speech bubble.
WolfsInSheepClothing's avatar
Hmm. Indeed, I can see why.
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