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Recall the Time of No Return[Eng] - page 234


no one knows where Brotonia come from.

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There's no space between "think" and "I".
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o por dios s estaba controlada 
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al fin, un comentario en español :D

I dare ask is the wrong done to equestria what is being punished?

or is the princess enacting punishement because equestrians belong to HER?

it all bleeds together.
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You need a space between think and I.

I absolutely LOVE your work!
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Her name is BRO tonia... not the direction I would have went to.
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Since Brotania is a crimson changeling would she really lose feathers when flying?
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oh god that translation 
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Wonky translation. And what is that in her hoof?
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First panels should say this (just to make more sense)

Twilight: " Brotonia. It is time to defeat you and have you pay the penalty for the ponies you have harmed!"

Fake Twilight/Brotonia: "My My... Dear Empress you seem very angry. But don't you think I would have prepared for this situation?" 

I hope that fits then again this is what would make it seem a bit smoother to read. Other than that good job!!
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That translation really needs fixing. Badly. 
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It's one thing to believe you prepared for this situation, and another thing entirely to believe that your preparations for this mean anything.
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The translation is super wonky...
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The translation on this page is really wonky. I only bring it up because usually you guys are pretty on-point with such things, but Twilight's one sentence doesn't make sense at all. Also, Brotonia's dialogue has just a couple of glitches: the last panel should say, "But DO you think I would not have prepared FOR this situation at all?" 

Keep up the great work, this comic is awesome!
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Yes the first text bubble doesn't make sense. It really confuses me on what is happening. I think it should go like this :

Brotonia. It is time to defeat you for your deception, and pay the penalty for the people thus far.

Still very awesome job I'm looking forward to seeing the epic battle.
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The first line confuses me...
like ur face houhoihoihohoi
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even the expression of real Twilight is more twilighty now :D DETERMINATION
The quality of text droped.
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Gosh, that queen looks fucking insane! XD
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Finally, I've been waiting for this epic stand-off which will turn into a battle
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