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Recall the Time of No Return[Eng] - page 233


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HA!i knew it from the point when spike said that twilight came back from defeating the crimson changlings (page 80) that something wasnt right. but it wasnt till page 120 after fluttershy punched twilight and twilight looked at her for doing that when i saw the hit of red in here eye when everything clicked into place. that twilight herself was the changling queen!!! and it only became clear i was right when they were taken down to the pod room when they saw the really big one on the wall that, that was the real twilight in there. OWO
Hehe. Sorry, gurl. We on the last couple of pages.... >8)
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Then how do you choose for it to end right now?
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They day has come, the die is cast,
The fear and shadows will not last.
As darkness quakes, hope will shine,
Prepare yourselves, it's Twilight Time!
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Brotonia? Pff, with that name until I become  a villain. XD
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Calling it now, good Twily is dead at the end of the comic. (Or died at least once)
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Who's... Brotonia? 
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Behold, the Princess Twilight cometh....behold.
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How are you ? 
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Umm...good. Too busy with college right now to do art. How about you?
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I'm really tired but that's okay, soon I'll be on holydays ! 
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