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Recall the Time of No Return[Eng] - page 231


Chapter 10. Not finished yet.

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Nothing to see here, folks. The main characters just blew something up again.

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I think it's "What happened here?!" Not "What's happened here?!".
If you wanna use "is", You can say "What's happening here?!".
That which was buried, an ancient being, has broken free and risen to the surface. You had best prepare for changes.
Winged-Stone's avatar
A hole. A hole happened here.
Maverickwolfzx's avatar
Just another day in Ponyville.

uncommentator's avatar
Hey look, is Pun.
Couldnt find the restroom so ah improvised.... O_o
MiaRosette1028's avatar
Yep, that is my expression.
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It's the Borg! Everypony panic!!
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That my friend... is a hole in the ground
TheNeoStrike's avatar
Oh... of course... thank you ^^

(psst... that's me)
Shadow-Ichigo's avatar
Eeyup, I'm %70 sure that's most defiantly... a big freakin' hole, in the ground, I'm not a Geologist so I'm guesstimating here
tigreanpony's avatar
A massive big hole, Twilight knows how to make an entrance.
Renginer's avatar
A glitch in the matrix?
TheNeoStrike's avatar
Awww shit and there's the damn cat too ><
Renginer's avatar
Excuse me my dear sir, but I am a sophisticated rabbit. Not a dirty little kitten.
TheNeoStrike's avatar
I......don't believe you got the reference xp lol
firecharge44371's avatar
He still had his ear plugs on.
TheNeoStrike's avatar
Keeps the voices out XD no jk... or am I? no I am................................... :meow:
Narcylum's avatar
What was he even going to water? 
firecharge44371's avatar
His flower garden that fell down into the sink hole
Narcylum's avatar
You know what....that actually makes sense.
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