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Recall the Time of No Return[Eng] - page 230


Chapter 9 is finished.

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EmberBluegrass's avatar
I was listening to this song then I was reading this chapter. It fits pretty well.
Bazil3282's avatar

She looks like an angel...

ViiksiNainen's avatar
This is the best page of any comic i have ever seen.
Barius123's avatar
The sunset... The feathers... The silence... Her face... Her eyes...
I swear... Im astonished...
I don't thing this scene could be better...
Americaiuno's avatar
That's a pretty sight!
Shenronn's avatar
The messiah has returned
ArkhivezStudios's avatar
YOU NAILED THIS PAGE! It conveys freedom and tranquility perfectly. And impending victory...
Fucking beautiful!
shadowfan190's avatar
The Prodigal daughter returns...... To claim the victory that was cheated from her so long ago.....
Leafstormy's avatar
Oh, it is GLORIOUS. 
Pum6kin's avatar
Behold, the return of Empress Twilight Sparkle.
gohlanblack's avatar
Ahahahaahah Knew it. :)
Maphisto86's avatar
So where was Twilight being kept? I assume she was within that gross orb but this page implies she was just poofed out of existence or something.
shinji-ikari-aono's avatar
No, when the cacoon bloow up she fly right up to the sky.
Shenronn's avatar
The messiah has finally returned
djdhlh's avatar
so... which twilight got that message because if it was the changlings then ... they win but i not theres no use in saying it
MiragePotato's avatar
im guessing the prophet who said the prophecy was just Rose disguised since "no one saw his/her face", she said the prophecy to the real twilight so that statment of "empress twilight will not outlive her friends" to make the fake one believe in the prophecy when she took twilight's place, so when they show up the fake will imprisson them instead of killing them to save her own skin
Except the coat and mane coloration aren't Rose's; they're Meghan McCarthy's.
MiragePotato's avatar
Crap i cant trust my memory xD
hillbe's avatar
The Harbor Master has a beef with your new SHIPS manifest it states 13 crew including Captain . . . Last we had six total what gives?

They were busy?   Very busy?

OmegaFloweytheFlower's avatar
I bet this is a question many of us are asking.

If she could extend spikes life to live as long as she does, why didnt she jsut do that with her friends?
lucar95's avatar
Erm... Spike is a dragon, and by standard, dragons can live a very long time (lifespan can go from some centuries to forever depending the vision of the scenarist). So it's normal he still lives after a millenia. Twilight has nothing to do with it. The only way Twilight could keep her friends alive would be by making them alicorns or some deus ex machina like making them the incarnations/spirits of Harmony (like Discord is the spirit of chaos and disharmony).
Maybe it's already the case ? "You will not outlive your friends." I wouldn't be surprised if we learned they still live in the tree of harmony or something like that.
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