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Recall the Time of No Return[Eng] - page 23


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treegowth's avatar
Did any one else get the number of that box~?I think I've fainted. 
Omegadawn76's avatar
id have thee same reaction from Rose
camolotthe10's avatar
Oh, Rose. You are ADORABLE.
PacificGreen's avatar
Is there such a thing as wormhole sickness? 'Cause I think Rose has that now...XD
MissRandomNomad0o's avatar
Dear Princess Celestia,

I have learned a very important lesson today: Never put Pinkie Pie in the TARDIS.

Your loyal subject,
SweetCaptain77's avatar
Omg thank goodness we live...
TheWanderer93's avatar
So rose is now the doctor friend, huh?
templar127's avatar
:icondrwhoplz: It's a police box!
LordKane666's avatar
thats what she said!
TheRockstarBrony's avatar
Sorry for you, man
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Clearly you haven't been travelling with the Doctor for very long, then. Did you know he's five Time Chargers short of a proper crew for Sexy? Did you know that he's only disengaged the parking brake once in over a millennium, and he had to be badgered into it?
Foremem's avatar
So should I be reading Roses lines in her MLP voice, or In billy Pipers cockny accent?
GashibokA's avatar
you should do it you want. 
Foremem's avatar
I was mainly asking because Rose Luck seems a bit more sarcastic than rose tyler was.
GashibokA's avatar
yes. I design her like Rose tyler.
sigel4ever's avatar
not good end...

for the travel!
Maldrete's avatar
I think the next page will be Pinkie going: "Woo! That was the best ride ever! Lets go again", with everypony immediately responding "NO!"
InfiniteHeartStudios's avatar
The speed your comic comes out at....I LOVE IT!!!!!!!
tigreanpony's avatar
Lol, normally it isn't so bad it's just Pinkie decided to open a pocket dimension inside another pocket dimension which is always a bad idea.
Yo dawg, I heard you like pocket dimensions. So we put a pocket dimension inside a box and a pink pony that can create openings to other pocket dimensions at will in side that pocket dimension, so you could be in a pocket dimension while inside another pocket dimension.
qwerty2999's avatar
Eeeh, bad rides on the Tardis are only, like, the 5th worst ride I've ever been on. lol
TrueFrenzy's avatar
How are you dong these comics in such a quick succesion?Clapping Pony Icon - Season Four Twilight 
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