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Recall the Time of No Return[Eng] - page 229


I read your comment well. I went to nursing this afternoon because my grandfather was taken to the emergency room this week. So I did not draw a cartoon.

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I still don't believe in alicorn blood rule 
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i was right Kirby victory dance Kirby victory dance Kirby victory dance Kirby victory dance Kirby victory dance Kirby victory dance 
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hey i was right  :D
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frag yes i was right all along
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O_o.... so if thats the real Twiley... then who was ah harassin?.... 
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I was right. I was right, baby, I was right. Oh my god, excuse me. I feel my breakfast come back up.
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I'm so happy that it wasn't the real Twilight very nicely done.
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Aww, I was hoping it was something less obvious, just because the comics been so amazing before this building up my expectations.
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So it was a crimson Changeling that beat Twilight way back... No wonder everything gone down the toilet ever since that battle... :XD:
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I KNEW IT!!!!!!
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So did a million other people. From a way earlier page. Basically ever since Twi was shown in the comic for the first time interacting with the mane 6 (at least, the ones in the castle).
Woo! Let's go defeat a zygon queen!
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Ok we finally have confirmation that yes the Twilight we've been seeing is a fake. FINALLY!!!
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THIS CHANGES EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Welp, turns out the twist is the one everyone knew it was.
Meh. Hey, maybe the last page will say "Hello. How wonderful to speak to you. I'm well aware that you're the "author" that's been taking my works and publishing them as your own. My own publisher's company. I must say I'm ashamed. However, unlike in the story you just read, the best twists are the ones you don't see coming. The previous page was laced with cyanide. Thank so much for enjoying my works."
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I KNEW IT!!!!!

Years of watching doctor who has allowed me to work it out.
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Well It's about time :D
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