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Recall the Time of No Return[Eng] - page 227


fixed version realeased.

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Real twily????

Daybreak-Fan's avatar
Villainous Breakdowns....How I love thee.
camolotthe10's avatar
Twilight is coming.
She's got her magic back.
And she's really, really, REALLY PISSED.

Prepare your anus.
PrincessTwilight04's avatar
Twilight is free. her magic is also free
This is for kickin me in da D while ah was takin a leak, Smiley! Ya nerd! >8(
Winged-Stone's avatar
I'm choosing to read the sound effect as Spoon and that The Tick is on his way to save the day.
Lanovran's avatar
And I see that someone else got to post that comment first. :P  Kudos.
TheAnimalArt2005's avatar
I predict that the fake Twilight that was fighting Spike is a crimson changeling queen! And that Lily has released the real Twilight :D
ChaosBetween's avatar
Interesting comic.

Also interesting;  FakeTwilight, whether by surprise or something else, her magic cut off in that first panel, and in the third panel the star-shaped crystal turns black.

I am sensing a connection between these and the giant cocoon that Lily has opened.
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ISorrayI's avatar
I want to dieCrying 
DragonKingAlpha's avatar
Oh yeah this is going to be one heck of a fight. Who's got the popcorn? 
bruiser128's avatar
Someones back from the land of sleep, and THEY ARE MAD
wolflover1451's avatar
Where did the blood on spikes nose go?
MugenSeiRyuu's avatar
I, who is about to awaken
Am the Purple Pony Princess who has discarded the principles of domination
I shall walk the road of friendship by having infinite hopes and dreams
I shall become the Princess of Violet Pony
And I promise you all! I shall show you the future which shines in true violet light!
LumeraLightstar's avatar
Here comes the real Twi
Sharpfang's avatar
This is so good
AstralEclipse26's avatar
Spike is her friend! he died. he was her last living friend and she killed him. now she will die.
jyroman53's avatar
HAH ! Now ya f*cked up !
TiaLunaCadie's avatar
Stronger Spike!!!
DeskManiac's avatar
Can't wait for the ending!
DukeyDukeyDoo's avatar
This isn't going to end any time soon. I've a feeling we're gonna see who this Empress Twilight REALLY IS.
DeskManiac's avatar
Oh. Hopefully it's nothing too hideous.
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