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Recall the Time of No Return[Eng] - page 222


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camolotthe10's avatar
Put Claptrap in front of it. She won't be so nervous then. XD.... >8)
sonicandmario826's avatar
Oh your nervous? Ah don't worry we can just chill out for a couple more pages. Maybe we can take a lunch break, play some Pokémon, or maybe we even listen to another backstoOPEN THE DANG THING!!!!
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Luckysweep's avatar
Oh, now you are doing it for padding.

"Get on with it!!!"
tigreanpony's avatar
I would be too, once you use your power, you will light up like a beacon to Twilight. This will be very interesting.
Pankrazius's avatar
I think I have to fall in the choir:

"Please open that damn egg already!"

Can't you see the suffering of your readers?

But: Great read so far. Love the Doctor, love MLP - in my opinion Dr Whooves is the best crossover you can think of and this story, dear artist, is a hell of a great Dr Whooves story. I really like it.
PrincessTwilight04's avatar
Nevermind it's either her sister or celestia
How long have we been waiting now for somepony to let Twilight out of that thing? Get on with it!
caballero-nocturno's avatar
MelonSeed11's avatar
And, of course, you have to spread your Alicorn wings out majestically before you do something heroic XD 

Love it 👌 :D
Mevneriel's avatar
Woohoo they're finally going to open it!
RMZERO's avatar
Open the egg!
MDWebster's avatar
"But this is no time for chit-chat. Are you going to open it?"

"... Alright I'll do it."

Thank you!
KingArthur5's avatar
Nice comic! Just FYI I think the first word in the comic has a typo
kazlucas's avatar
That AJ face, also that Gold plot.
Sparrow9612's avatar
One extra B in Doctor Whooves 'but.'
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