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Recall the Time of No Return[Eng] - page 218


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folklore17's avatar
There has been a virgance in the Force
Kmn483's avatar
Lily- "Twilight killed my younger sister"
folklore17's avatar
Damn you bitch queen zygon, how could you kill such a little cutie?
95821713's avatar
actually,she never kill her
folklore17's avatar
-__- Well that was pointless
wolflover1451's avatar
Now  seeing the newest page the second baby makes sense 
GashibokA's avatar
babymaking scene?
wolflover1451's avatar
Usagi-Zakura's avatar
I remember seeing these toys once and being utterly unimpressed...even wondering if they were bootlegs... but damn you made them look so adorable! 
Artydude163's avatar
No. SHE Is Your Mother!!!!!!!??!?!?.
Artydude163's avatar
And Who's The Father!?....

If They Do Have One??!!?!!!!!?!?!!!.......
littleshadowsong14's avatar
Who ever they are...they're cute :3
anabear2803's avatar
Princess Gold lily and princess sterling. A bunch of toys hasbro sold for no particular reason (cough cough money from kids)
anabear2803's avatar
Oh Weren't they the alicorn toys Hasbro tried to sell that had no explanation. Gold Lily and Sterling
Oh, interesting. That would explain why there wasn't a big coronation ceremony for her.

But where's her sister?

. . . Relestia is an obvious nickname, but she's not the one who really needs a nickname. Twona might be acceptable if it weren't already taken. So how about we call her "Newna"? I like it. Relestia and Newna.
LoveLostSong's avatar
It’s gold Lilly and sterling
Nope. I invented the nicknames, so nicknamed they shall be. They're Relestia and Newna.
Steampunk-Brony's avatar
Who are they actually? Twilight's daughters?
Arch-Guardian-Angel's avatar
No lmao they Toys from Hasbro
look it up Princess Gold Lilly and Princess Sterling :)
ShinjitsuForever's avatar
Ok, I believe now

And plus, there are two of them, and also I wonder where did the Purple one go
On page 7, doctor whooves, quote"I was curious how such a perfect life form(alicorn) came to be."…

I wonder, when will the creation of alicorn be revealed in your comic.
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