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Recall the Time of No Return[Eng] - page 216


20 years ago.... 

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Hm, I think Gold Lilly is either Twilights Daughter or she made her with magic... for some reason.
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Flaaaaash-baaaack! GIF My Little Pony - Crazy Laugh!
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Her eyes look.... empty....
Winter has fallen across Ponyville like a shroud, bringing the death of one year in advance of the birth of the next. Or it would, if Equestria's year didn't start at midsummer.

. . . I wonder whether the reason that both the Gregorian and Chinese calendars put the change of the year in winter is so that things are born early in the year and die late in the year? Or at least if that's one of the reasons.
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If Gold Lily was an alicorn, where is Sterling hiding? :D
ShinjitsuForever's avatar
the fuuuuuuuudddddgggggeeeeeeeee
MiaRosette1028's avatar
Was Twilight being possession?
Maverickwolfzx's avatar
Flashback!? In the climax of history!? What is this? Naruto?

HaqemHQ's avatar
jyroman53's avatar
Flashback time !!!
Ay, gurl. It's cold out.... >8)
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Its all coming back in flashbacks... FLASHBACKS!
sonicandmario826's avatar
Man at this rate we're never gonna see what's in the pod.
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Everything's better with flashbacks and impromptu exposition.
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YAY! backstory time!!
Tallest Popcorn 
superiorspider-pup45's avatar
NOOOOO I wanted to see what happened with the pod!!!!!!!

LOL just kidding I love cliffhangers. :)
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Woooo what's going ooon??
sweetymimy22's avatar
something is off >:/
Her completely white eyes are suspicious...
ProSonicIncorporated's avatar
Oh my god we all know the real Twilight is in that cocoon, just get on with it already.
sweetymimy22's avatar
i knew that a long time ago
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