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Recall the Time of No Return[Eng] - page 213


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The real twilight?
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The greatest enemy of empress twilight outside:

The real twilight 

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what are the chances. im guessing its not twilight but someone/something else. the latter is too simple
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Watch it be like all the princesses

Or gold Lilly's sister
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Im on the edge of my seat! Pleaaaaase tell us!! pinkie pie mlp (ahh...) plz 
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OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I CAN'T WAAIT FOR THE NEXT PAGE!!!!!!!!!!11
It's stunning how narrowly everyone seems to have interpreted "Twilight will not outlive her friends".

First off, Spike doesn't qualify as a friend :O?

Second, even if we take 'friends' as a plural meaning at least two of them survive Twilight (and presumably all of them survive Twilight), keeping them in stasis doesn't solve a thing. Twilight could put them into stasis, turn around, trip on her horseshoe, break her neck and die right there.

If this is a Zygon who took Twilight's place, it's a little bit odd for me to think they want to preserve the lives of Twilight's friends, either. I mean, without Twilight being alive the Zygon wouldn't be able to keep its disguise up, but then they also wouldn't have to worry about the possibility of Twilight breaking free and wrecking them.

And finally...the doctor probably knows how events turn out anyways, given he could have visited 1001 years into the future :O
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Stop playing the "pronoun game" (... well, sort of...) and just tell us doc!
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How dare you lol at our suffering.
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Just say it already! Say that it's the real Twi!
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Spike noticed Gold Lily is planning to betray him and release what is in the cocoon so it can destroy him and the mane six all together!
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Doctor.....I'd appreciate you being cryptic...but stop.
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The real Twilight Sparkle. Calling it right now like everyone else.
It's yall boi, Joe. We got this!.... >8)
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possibilities being:

- Real Twilight
- Twilight from the past, but not the past the show is currently in, way further into the future of it
- Discord
- One of the other princesses, not Cadance, she's not immortal, NEITHER IS TWILIGHT WHICH MEANS THIS COMIC DOES NOT HOLD UP
- Something capable of kicking the evil bit-h's a--
- A surprise
1. more than likely.
2. so the future past.
3. doubtful. though I do wonder where he's been.
4. we don't know if any of them are or aren't immortal.
5. so herself.
6. from generation 1!? no way!
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1. Obviously, like...
2. Kinda
3. Me too
4. It was confirmed that Twilight is not immortal, Ponies might just live more than a hundred years, remember Granny Smith being alive way before ponyville ever existed? Yeah, there is a celebration of Ponyville that was celebrated as stated by Twilight, hundreds of years (I think? It included a hundred in her statement), and the celebration was there ever since ponyville was founded, so say ponies live hundreds of years, or at least two.
5. I dunno what you mean by that
6. I meant of it as something neither of us expected
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