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Recall the Time of No Return[Eng] - page 212


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O_o..... is this it?... could it be?....
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It can. It is.

Okay, but seriously, what is it?
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It's about to go dooooooooooown.
Damn, the first three panels are SOOOO anime!

And Lily is....SHIIIT! Lily is the one who traveled back in time to tell the Mane 6 that Twilight wouldn't outlive her friends! Don't believe me? Go back to the page where that mare was shown and look at her mane!
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Good theory but not the right color coat for it to be her.
Lily looks nothing like Meghan McCarthy.
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nope. the sage had a light pink body fur.
Yeah, you're right.
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Can't be what?! Ahhhhhhh. The suspense is killing me! 
eliander's avatar
somebody knows a secret
Riverfox237's avatar
I really like how non-Twilight's face turned out in panel 3!
jyroman53's avatar
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how did people know that gold lily is twilight's ex-star pupil?
tigreanpony's avatar
Dun Dun Duh. I bet she is an Alicorn. This will be very interesting.
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And you know there was that mlp toy that a non canon pony was included... Proncess gold lily
Damn, you have a point!
Ah, Gold Lily is an alicorn. That explains the cloak she's been wearing - hides the wings. 
No-Time-For-Caution's avatar
lol, dafuq does "nien" mean? xD
No-Time-For-Caution's avatar
No it's not. "Nien" sounds like it originated from a cyrillic language for some reason. xD
and btw, the actual spelling is "Nein"
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