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Recall the Time of No Return[Eng] - page 209


happy New Year 2017!

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war, war never changes
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If you want a construct killed, you've got to do it yourself, apparently.
O_o..... so this is a dog and pony show....
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this is escalating so with twilight stuck in a cocoon and spikes forces being decimated then this is going swell
ItsDakoolaidDude's avatar
You're actually right, if things are going wrong at the moment, then everything is going well. If Twilight's forces were the ones getting decimated, that means somethin big and upsetting would've happened.

After all:

If everything is getting too easy, there's something very, very wrong.
"Happy New Year 2017!"

Because nothing says "Happy New Year" like a pony massacre...
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My thoughts exactly.
FCtheHalfDragon's avatar
Spike's face makes me think of that one line used a lot in Fallout. "War...War never changes."
Shadow-Ichigo's avatar
Jeez it's a blender 
MiragePotato's avatar
take your army to a war you know you are likely to loose, know your soldiers are there to buy some time even if they die, know some of them have families, know only a few have a chance to return home alive, know some of the bodies will be found in teared pieces of blood, bone and flesh, know that all of that is going on because someone gave a small glimmer of hope to end that war once and for all
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So what's going on? I'll tell what I think is going on.
The resistance is doing what they can to stall Twilight's forces that the first assault is of course the metalwolfes, but why I hear you ask, well it's because we and The Doctor believe the Zygon cocoon has the real Twilight in there and she can help.
Randomponyzilla's avatar
one minute they find the cocoon and the next the metal wolves are there where Spike is at. *hold up a mug* That escalated quickly.
SchizophrenicSurs's avatar
Poor Spike, I seriously love the way you write him, he's such a good character
DragonBlitz85's avatar
Well this battle went to hell really quick.
They usually do when the Doctor's involved.

He only has one constant companion.
DragonBlitz85's avatar
Dose it bounce back too?

Mostly once the Doctor's plan ends. 

Sadly, his constant companion is death
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I'm pretty lost
KieDough's avatar
I was about to say the same. I'm very lost though
JetPowerFIE's avatar
Hey Kie.

Considering that this is written like a graphic novel though instead of a web comic, I'm sure we'll be filled in very quickly, but first the scene must be set. The rapid fire rate of these recent updates do help reduce the confusion a bit compared to if it had been the normal length of time between updates. At this rate we should get an answer very soon.
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