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Recall the Time of No Return[Eng] - page 204



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camolotthe10's avatar
You know, I kinda think this version of Spike would use a Zweihander when not in a tunnel.
Allanpike's avatar
Bye bye sword!
Not for long.... >8)
*moves in for the taking*
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Maverickwolfzx's avatar
Not another sword, you'd better learn to fight with your bare hands.

Anto2620's avatar
uh im a bit oncfused aswell to what just happend .-.
MelonSeed11's avatar
Wait what? Did I miss a page? I'm confused .-.
tigreanpony's avatar
Well this was a interesting switch of perspectives, a little confusing. Damn how did the colt Spike had disguise himself as that mare do it so well?
PrincessTwilight04's avatar
his name is vision, no wonder he would be able to do an illusion, an illusion is a trick to your vision so...

firecharge44371's avatar
What's happening? So Vision shaped into Lily. Why did Spike need to swing his sword?
Fairylover2095901's avatar
What happened to her...?
Shenronn's avatar
We're gonna need a better blacksmith
firecharge44371's avatar
We're going to need a bigger sword
LordStalinV2's avatar
After 1000 years, they should even invent bloody pistol or rifle.
sigel4ever's avatar
the ambient isn't good
Noglaz's avatar
Spike, you are a matherfacking dragon. Your claws are much stronger than that punny little sword!
firecharge44371's avatar
The nagging from Rarity made Spike forever keep his nails clean
PsycoJosho's avatar
But swords have better reach.
kazlucas's avatar
Not only that at least gives a chance to parry without the risk of losing your fingers.
Maphisto86's avatar
That was an odd narrative jump there. :confused: Meanwhile, Bad Future Spike looking awesome (he really needs an eyepatch). Spike Oh God Why 
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