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Recall the Time of No Return[Eng] - page 202


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Animatorsnake's avatar
Things just got real... Timelord real
"Help, somepony get me out of here!"?
There also should be one massive skarasen around (The zygon equivalent to a cow.)
shinji-ikari-aono's avatar
I believe that the empres twilight is in fact a zygon, the real one is on the biggest cocoon. The doctor misunderstand that if the zygon make a link to twilight the fake will almost real? (Sorry if i dont make me clear, my english is really bad u u)
Reminds me of da time ah stumbled upon Twiley's browser history...... >8)
sonicandmario826's avatar
Well we're gonna figure out wether Twilight is an imposter or the real deal. 

Will the big cocoon have the real Twilight? one of the other alicorn princesses?  or maybe even Discord?
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BBBHuey's avatar
If any of those cocoons contain ponies that were "killed off" for being mistaken for changelings, then this is going to be very interesting...
JetPowerFIE's avatar
That would be quite the twist!
markus365's avatar
Me thinks I am missing some huge major important detail about who Lilly is and why she is so important.
McCoda's avatar
If memory serves me correctly, I believe she was Twilight's Student before the crazies started happening.
markus365's avatar
I keep expecting it to be revealed that she is Twilight's daughter or something like that. Cloak flies off and there are wings, etc. etc.
tom117z's avatar

Sure, if she was home-schooled. ;)
Coora's avatar
Oh hi Applejack
tigreanpony's avatar
I Really think empress Twilight is an imposter, but still this is the doctor's great reveal. I can't wait for the next page.
VentodelCaos's avatar
How long it will be before people stop to say "dear Celestia"?
He died more than half a dozen generations ago. I expected that the sayings were at least a little bit different
AJR001's avatar
Idk, maybe Twilight wasn't thinking... ^^;
tom117z's avatar
The time is close now...
ChaoticNote's avatar
She's probably thinking about how rad her backup dancer posse is gonna be.
At the time she found out about the Zygon plans she was probably thinking, "NO, PLEASE! SOMEONE HELP ME! ANYBODY!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!"
RMZERO's avatar
Open all, maybe some have gifs! Like Kinder Eggs.
VentodelCaos's avatar don't like the surprise inside.
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