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Recall the Time of No Return[Eng] - page 199


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When one stands at the precipice of an unpleasant and irreversible choice, it is always best to investigate any offer of a better way.
DeskManiac's avatar
Lily in the last panel is so cute!
EmilyAckroyd's avatar
Shipping it, the SPIKE X LILY ship has begun..
Ah remember when ah took on Twiley. Hehe....... crazy nerd caused me to not be able to sit down anymore.... >8/
djdhlh's avatar
wait did no one understand that the large cocoon is twilight and she actually lost the war and didn't just give up + the twilight that attacked her friends is a zygon 
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Allanpike's avatar
Spike vs Twilight huh? That's going to be one heck of a showdown.
TheBadGrinch's avatar
I wonder if the prophecy included Spike as one of the "friends", in that case it'd make sense for Twilight to not die during the 5's lifes. Also, what if the other manes just say "we're not your friends anymore", would that break what's bound to happen?

Anyway, I really really like this story
tigreanpony's avatar
At least they are reasonable, very nicely done as always.
TrueFrenzy's avatar
Wow Spike, I'm impressed. 
*Terminator theme plays*
Noglaz's avatar
Twilight vs Spike... This will be F***ng EPIC!!
Delta52775's avatar
I don't trust them.
eltigre221's avatar
at least Spike's not totally gone :)
OminousEdge's avatar
Smart choice. Only a total fool who want to know an eternity of torment would ever want to make The Doctor their enemy.
zenitraMsj's avatar
Call me crazy, I don't trust Lilly.
folklore17's avatar
Almost to the 200TH PAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
RMZERO's avatar
Come on! Time for the battle please!
BBBHuey's avatar
So... The Doctor's threat was an invitation for an adventure? Interesting...

And also... Wow. Spike's mood sure changed fast. First he wanted to end the reign of evil Twilight and now he wants to find another peaceful solution. Sure hope he knows what he's doing.
GashibokA's avatar
Coora's avatar
I still have my doubts about Spike.....
MDWebster's avatar
"It could be a trap."

'I always think everything's a trap, which is why I'm still alive.' (Thumbs up if you get the reference.)

Let's see how everything goes together. Hopefully for the best.
Delta52775's avatar
I get the reference.
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