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Recall the Time of No Return[Eng] - page 197



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Animatorsnake's avatar
Time to do this, Doctor Whooves style
ZanarNaryon's avatar
It won't work, wars aren't won by pacifism
Green064's avatar
At this point, maybe the doctor isn't who he says he is. Maybe he's the bad guy the whole time.
Hehe. Gon bust da Empress wide open..... good times... >8)
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eleventhpolicebox's avatar
I would suggest you think. Spike may have convinced himself his plan makes sense, but you are not required to blindly accept clearly fallacious logic.
UmitheMusicalPony's avatar
Since this is going to follow the format of a Doctor Who episode, this is my prediction. The plan will go swimmingly for a while, but then one of the protagonists will screw it up by doing exactly what the Doctor says NOT to do, all while thinking it was the right thing to do. In the end, the Doctor has to take some kind of drastic action in order to fix it. Also, someone dies. 

Let's see if I get it right. 
Allanpike's avatar
Come on Spike... don't let us all down.
Things seem to be wrapping up well. I'm still hoping for a happy ending :)
Coora's avatar
Spike won't believe him and screw things up, mark my words
tigreanpony's avatar
Yes, you go Doctor. I'm so looking forward to the rest of the comic.
PhoenixFlambe's avatar
When there's a will, there's a way. And there's always a choice.
Shenronn's avatar
ls that even possible?
DashCentry's avatar
It looks as if the Doctor is betraying them
tom117z's avatar
So, the Doctor is determined that this be one of those rare days where everybody lives, huh?
sonicandmario826's avatar
Well we are a little too late for that since "Twilight" killed a guard in front of them.
BBBHuey's avatar
If those cocoons in the chamber contain what I think it is, then maybe it might.
ProSonicIncorporated's avatar
It's time for a plan only the Doctor could make work. :D
InfiniteWarlock's avatar
Well, it's about time we saw the group get back together. Also, I'm impressed by the frequency you're posting new pages. How long does it take you to compose a page like this? Is is all part of a pre established script written beforehand? 
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