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Recall the Time of No Return[Eng] - page 196


Big Red Button...!

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Preach on Doctor Preach on!
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The Moment has come. Make your choice.
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The past may haunt us forever... but for a Timelord... it's a curse
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"Well you wanted a big red button. One big bang. No more Time Lords, no more Daleks."
O_o..... eh. Ahm goin for Pink Pong first! >8)
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Hello there, it's interesting to see you again(big red button! XD)
Ahhh, I just love these DW references you're weaving in 
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I didn't expect that Spike accualy think of kill the mane 5... but I like it Devilish 
Give it another 400 years and you'll have the perspective to see that isn't really true. This pony you speak of . . . he undeniably changed, for truly none could pass unaltered through the war, but if anything he found himself once the war ended, after having lost himself much earlier, despite the cost of that ending.

And most importantly, that pony achieved his goal. Whether the reward was worth the cost is not something I would presume to answer, but it doesn't really matter anyway. What matters is that he chose a trade and he got what he expected, whereas I know that you've got more than enough experience with spoilers to recognize that Spike's plan can't work. You can't just force causality to run backwards.
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I'm not sure what that display in the last panel  is that reminds me of the m'kraan Crystal
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It's called the Moment. It's a powerful weapon that can destroy whole galaxies. The Doctor used it to destroy Gallifrey and all the Daleks, ending the Time War. Except that he didn't. You'll have to watch the 50th Anniversary special to really understand it.
eliander's avatar
Actually I have never watch dr. Who. I have read some of the books though  but that was close to a decade ago
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That pony did what he did without choice.

In the name of peace and sanity. 

Because great stallions are forged in fire. It is the privilege of lesser stallions to light the flame. Whatever the cost.
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Where is the like button?!
The War Doctor is surprisingly my favorite version of the Doctor. There's just something about a man who is so down on the universe yet still wants to save it no matter what. It's very elling to the type of man, or men if you prefer, the Doctor is.
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the last scene...a very VERY good little nod to the war doctor...bravo.
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Well, I can take a guess who's gonna die pretty soon since this plan was revealed
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no, not discord, the war doctor. He is talking about himself
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That is getting good looking forward to the next page.
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Equestria Falls
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No.....Equestria Stands!
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