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Recall the Time of No Return[Eng] - page 194


so... here's another cliffhanger. suspence never end.

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Well, no. Twilight last saw them when they were old and dying — so they go back, because of the “time loop theory” — unless that is twilight, that is. I’m trying to keep my hopes up.

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Well, I mean, yeah. Have you seen the desperate situation the resistance is in? They're willing to try anything at this point.
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Dun dun duunnnn...
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Ok, didn't see that coming.
AH KNEW IT! AH FRICKIN KNEW SHE WAS SHIFTY!! Pay up, Pink Pong! Yo pinkie sense ain't got no sense!! HAA!!
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*reads final comment*

My reaction at that moment: WHAT THE F- Atomic Cock 
Heh.  I thought the story had been building up to a big reveal about the truth behind Twilight.  But we get this plot twist instead.
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The truth is finally revealed...
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Also, Fluttershy's gonna need some serious consuling when this is all I've over.
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Umm... ok? So... who do we trust?
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PLOT TWIST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Rarity 'O' face And that's the reason why I don´t like the spoilers.…
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Oh dear.

Go Doctor.
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Hush, now — nopony likes spoilers.  (Insert River Song theme here.)
You know, one would be likely to blame their failure to foresee this on their inability to recognize that Spike had changed considerably, even given their observation that Twilight was completely different. But that might be a little uncharitable. Perhaps they were simply blinded by their belief that Spike was too smart to think prophecies worked that way. Granted, that would leave no clear reason for Spike to want to gather the five of them together at all, but arguably it's more likely that Spike knew something more about them rather than that he believed the prophecy meant he could kill Twilight simply by killing her friends even though any idiot could tell you the prophecy means he couldn't kill Twilight's friends until after Twilight's dead.
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BTW folks.  This twist was already revealed on page 109.
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Oh, hey you're right. However considering that this was said by the obvious villain it was quickly dismissed as libel and slander. Seems we failed to see the foreshadowing though.
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if i were, pinkie, applejack, and rainbow dash, i would see my odds against an army like that, and i would run, anyone else think that?
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Oh damn now that took a TUUUUURN!!!
Markiplier Munching Imaginary Popcorn - Emoticon 
Can't wait to see more fo this comic adn see waht will happend :D
Here is an idea i have not saying it's gonna be but i can think spike would kill them all infront of twilights eyes and seing her friends getting killed by her former assistant would propably mean she  first would destroy spike due to rage and then after this whole madness she would PROPAbly kill herself since there is absolute nothing left for her .3.
just an iead here anda  guess though i hope it will not be like my idea :c
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