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Recall the Time of No Return[Eng] - page 193


Life is hard. I think cartoonist is not good job for living.

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Hello? hello?

Please deposit twenty five cents for the next fifteen minutes...

Does anypony know what a cent is?
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um... it's a Tardis. not a phoneboos
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Now here comes the Doctor's time to shine
Can't wait to see Rarity's reaction to future Spike XD Also, I'm getting the feeling this comic is finally closing to an end. Not that I hate it or anything, but I just can't wait to see what will happen at the end!
Yes, it is the last chapter, as per last Q&A.
Also, this reminded me just how often I watched DrWho and actually had no idea what really was going on, up until the last part of story or maybe a bit earlier. (I've just finished season 19 of classics.) I like it, and I feel like something really unexpected is still going to happen in this story.
This is the final chapter? Oh boy, I'm so excited :)
Are you going to get to the point or not? You do remember that you made this call because you saw an army on the move, right?
O_o.... so does anyone know how to delete your browser history? Mah mom's gonna pull up in da driveway any minute....
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why are you ask me? do you have no friends?
>8'(..... I can't sit down now.....
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I would agree with you on both points. 
Yes, life is hard, and it will squash you if you give it the chance.
And yes, a cartoonist as a profession, I think, is a very niche market, and hard to survive in.
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This is going to be interesting, please do continue soon.
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"By the way, the Empress is an alien! Just FYI!"

You think they should at least mention that Zygons are from another planet?
BBBHuey's avatar
Or the fact that they look nothing like the actual changelings?
Wait… Doc's been looking for HER!?
He had only ever seen her for a moment, right before she ran off!
My only guess is she's not what she looks like.
And no, I don't think she's a Zygon.
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Smartphone Equestria version.
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HELPFUL EDIT: remove "are" between guys and okay
minhbuinhat99's avatar
And change "guys" to "girls" :P
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But when she's using the word "guys" she's referring to everypony and not just Rarity and Fluttershy.
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Just like in French, ''They'' is ''Ils'' or ''Elles'' (Since Hes and Shes seems weird we don't have a precise translation of They so we use that instead. And in that context, we use ''Ils'' if there's Boys and Girls and ''Elles'' if there's only girls...i know that's weird.
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Here's my suggestion; lighten up the text dialogue to white so it can contrast the black background so we can read it.

I can read it fine but there are others who can't.
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