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Recall the Time of No Return[Eng] - page 191


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heavy machine
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It sounds like a plan.

So many lives about to be lost for nothing, because those on the outside don't know that those on the inside have this covered.

But hopefully they're about to get a call.
O_o..... so uh.... that magic flame is supposed to be in the castle right now?.... it ain't green, is it?.... sssss...
*looks at the grill with hungry fear*
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Since you are from Korea I want to ask how the show was recieved there.
Is it popular or does it lead a niche existence?

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The TV show was introduced through ' R34 ' in South Korea. However, I watched official animation first through my friend.
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Oh No, cute little horses doing nasty things.

So the whole thing is not syndicated in korea?
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just a few people are not cloper. (of course I'm include it)

however, biggest community of Korean brony is den of Horse Fucker.

I don't like it.
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I know what about your feeling. *sigh*
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Empty castle = trap
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I spy with my mad little eye in the top panel, a pony in an armored vault suit.
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Oh this will be an interesting fight.
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Get ready for a gun fight!!!!
Hey, I spy a Marco pony in the back ground. :) lol
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You have to re-read the page while listening to this.
Slugasd  [Link]
Believe me! It is absolutely perfect!

And it will not be the only one. Be warned that, from now on I will post the appropriate song every time I get the chance.

Metal Slug Sprite Marco 
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Twilight even took away Spike's magic flame?? Makes sense, really...
"Commander's magic flame"? Did I miss something?
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